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2014 SEMA Show: Mercedes-Benz Vans USA introduces the Mercedes Metris

November 6, 2014

Mercedes-Benz Vans USA has introduced the ‘Mission Metris’ at the 2014 SEMA Show. The Mission Metris is the company’s showcase of four new midsize Project Vans at the 2014 SEMA Show.

The brand bearing the three-pointed star has thus provided a first glimpse at its new midsize commercial van for USA and Canada which is scheduled for fall of 2015 for customers and upfitters. Later in the same year, production versions of the cargo and passenger will be shown.

European readers know the Metris as the Mercedes V-Class, which went on sale in May this year.

More information regarding this event is available in the press release below.


Mercedes-Benz RENNtech: Party/DJ Van front three quarters right

  • “Mission Metris” is a showcase of 4 midsize project vans at SEMA 2014 in Las Vegas
  • M-B Vans enters the US commercial midsize van segment in fall 2015, offering both passenger and cargo versions without any competitors in the same size category o Introduction of the “Mercedes-Benz Metris” nameplate for the US and Canada o Pricing and specifications to be announced in 2015
  • Neither a Freightliner version nor the Mercedes-Benz V-Class are planned
  • Sprinter large commercial van sales are up 17.3% YTD in 2014 in the US, the second largest global vans market for Mercedes-Benz
  • MY2015 Sprinter enhancements include optional 4×4 (Q1/2015 intro) and super high roof, and standard equipment now includes Crosswind Assist on 2500 models and extended service intervals up to 20,000 miles
  • Fuel-efficient 4-cylinder BlueTEC clean diesel powertrain has a 50% take rate. o 75% of all M-B Sprinter vans are upfitted

MONTVALE, N.J. – Mercedes-Benz Vans USA is introducing “Mission Metris,” a showcase of 4 new midsize Project Vans at SEMA 2014 in Las Vegas. Designed to be a first glimpse at the new midsize commercial van entry into the US and Canada in fall 2015 for customers and upfitters alike, production versions of the cargo and passenger versions will be shown at a later date in 2015. This occasion also marks the introduction of the new “Mercedes-Benz Metris” nameplate for the US and Canada, whereas “Vito” will remain the midsize commercial van nameplate for all other global markets.

“We are pleased to reconfirm our September announcement at the IAA Truck Show in Hannover that we will launch a midsize commercial van in the US market in fall 2015,” said Bernie Glaser, Vice President and Managing Director of Daimler Vans USA, LLC. “It is only logical that we take a global approach and also expand our successful vans business in the USA. Our SEMA “Mission Metris” presence with 4 different van concepts will be an effective way for us to hit the ground running to announce the nameplate ‘Mercedes-Benz Metris’ and to show off its unmatched versatility, size, and safety.”

Representatives from Mercedes-Benz and the following companies will be on hand to showcase their respective creative concepts:

RENNtech: Party/DJ Van

Mercedes-Benz RENNtech: Party/DJ Van top view

A definite show-stopper van, this van offers a mobile DJ van that looks as good as it sounds. Featuring a clamshell style roof that opens and acts as a backdrop for a DJ, this van is true form and function in one package.

HQ Custom Design: Luxury Van

Mercedes-Benz HQ Custom Design: Luxury Van rear seats

Luxury Van conversions are nothing new for Mercedes-Benz vans. This design is an ideal example of an inspired executive shuttle van that also offers the best in audio/visual that is surrounded by the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail.

RADO: Fire Chief Concept Truck

Mercedes-Benz RADO: Fire Chief Concept Truck

Because Vans offer some of the finest dimensions for mobile command units for various local or national government agencies, this concept is a rolling communications center that could transport a Fire Chief to all locations in many situations.

Garmin: Mobile Golf Pro Shop

Mercedes-Benz Garmin: Mobile Golf Pro Shop

Golf lovers will love this rolling Pro Shop that features a high-tech golf simulator and infotainment system designed for both personal and merchandizing usage. Offering a Mobile Performance Center, this concept offers technology that helps players evaluate their golf game and simulate potential outcomes.

In the US large van segment, Sprinter sales continue to be brisk, up 17.3% YTD. Model year 2014 brought new major enhancements such as a fresh and confident new front end exterior design, 4- cylinder BlueTEC clean diesel powertrain that already plays a similar role as its big brother, the V6, and upgrades of safety and infotainment.

Model year 2015 is even more exciting, with the addition of standard Crosswind Assist on all 2500 models and increased service intervals of up to 20,000 miles (MY 2014 service intervals were up to 15,000 miles). An optional Sprinter 4×4 version of both cargo and passenger versions will also be added in Q1/2015, which will be the only ex-factory four-wheel drive system on the market for a commercial van in the USA.

In addition to that, the option for a super high roof underlines the benchmark position concerning interior heights by offering an interior roof height of up to 7 feet. And the SULEV option for our standard 4-cylinder BlueTEC engine is the first SULEV diesel engine worldwide and underlines our ‘Green Leadership.’ All of these features highlight the position of the Sprinter as the most innovative large van in the segment.

Independent from the model year, up to 75% of all Sprinters have upfitter treatment on them, regardless of extra shelving or extensive Recreational Vehicle modifications.

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