2016 BMW 750Li xDrive front three quarters left standstill

2016 BMW 7 Series to get quad-turbo diesel engine

July 30, 2015

As we all know, BMW has a tri-turbo diesel engine in its portfolio, offered in the BMW M550d xDrive (sedan and touring), BMW X5 M50d, X6 M50d and the 750d. This N57S 3.0-liter inline-6 unit generates 381 hp and an astonishing 740 Nm of torque, and comes along with BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive system. Now, according to a report by Bimmertoday, the German automaker plans to replace the tri-turbo diesel engine with a quad-turbo diesel engine. The latter has been codenamed ‘B57 TOP’ and will be first seen in the 2016 750d.

BMW N57S tri-turbo diesel engine

BMW could either offer four classic turbochargers or an electronically-driven turbo could be added to the tri-turbo setup.  The technical specifications of the new engine are unknown at the moment but the report states that the power and torque output of the 2016 750d will be around 408 hp and 800 Nm respectively. A significant power upgrade isn’t expected because this will be the first application of the new engine.

Nonetheless, if things to go well, the B57 TOP could be introduced on models like the G30 M550d, X5 M5d0, X6 M50d and X7 M50d in future. Like the tri-turbo engine, the quad-turbo unit will be linked to the company’s xDrive AWD system.

[News Source: BMWBlog]

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