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USA: 2016 Ford Edge to feature Adaptive Steering technology

September 19, 2015

Ford will be introducing a new adaptive steering technology on the 2016 Ford Edge which is stated to go on sale in the U.S. market later this year. It will be offered as an option in the Titanium trim level and as part of standard equipment in the Sport trim level.

With the introduction of Adaptive Steering, the company is aiming to ‘redefine the idea of power steering’. The new technology enables easier manoeuvring in low speeds while at high speeds makes the vehicle more agile.

2016 Ford Edge adaptive steering

The company says that the new system continually changes the steering ratio depending on vehicle speed designed to optimise the steering response in all conditions; when compared to vehicles without the technology which feature a fixed steering ratio.

The system employs a precision-controlled actuator mounted inside the steering wheel requiring no modifications to the vehicle’s steering system. The actuator can add to or subtract from the driver’s steering input resulting in a better driving experience.

2016 Ford Edge adapative steering components

This means, at slower speeds like manoeuvring into tight parking spaces, fewer turns of the steering wheel are required as the system dials in more steering into the wheels. This makes the vehicle easier to drive. At higher speeds the system enables the vehicle to react smoothly to steering inputs.

The system has been developed in collaboration with TKAG, an automotive supplier based in Germany. Ford informs that Adaptive Steering will be introduced in other Ford and Lincoln models in the future. It will also be introduced in Europe, initially in the Ford S-MAX and the Ford Galaxy models.

The press release is embedded below for further information.

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