2016 Mercedes E-Class tail lamp cluster

2016 Mercedes E-Class taillamp revealed

July 31, 2015

First real life photos of the taillamp that will feature in the next-gen Mercedes E-Class (Mercedes W213) has been put up by mbpassionblog. Very similar that of the latest C-Class and S-Class saloons, it features new clusters. The company had already revealed the taillamp this month, but we didn’t get to see its glow pattern in natural lighting.

2016 Mercedes E-Class tail lamp turn indicator

The illumination in the taillamp will vary with respect to the surrounding brightness.

The German website claims that the brightness of the brake lights and turn signals will be adaptive to the current environment (day/night). For instance, at night, the brightness of the brake lights will lower to avoid glaring the eyes of drivers behind. The brightness won’t fall below the statutory level though.

2016 Mercedes E-Class tail lamp revealed

The new E-Class will be revealed at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.

The 2016 Mercedes E-Class was said to be unveiled at the upcoming 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (2015 IAA) in September, but the report from the German publication rules out that possibility. It says that the all-new model will be unveiled at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in January in Detroit.

The 2016 Mercedes E-Class will feature Remote Parking Pilot autonomous technology. This feature is similar to the autonomous parking feature offered on the new generation BMW 7 Series.

The Remote Parking Pilot feature allows the driver to park the car or move the car out of parking using a smartphone app that is paired to the car via Bluetooth. Of course, the driver will need to be close to the car, not just due to the Bluetooth’s limited range, but also because the driver will have to steer the wheels via the smartphone app.

[Source: mbpassionblog]

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