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2016 Mercedes GLC premieres on 17 June 2015

May 2, 2015

The GLK-Class replacing Mercedes GLC-Class will have its world premiere on 17 June 2015. The all-new crossover will start reaching the dealerships from 12 September 2015. The GLK-Class successor will adhere to the new nomenclature system. The “C” in the name is suggestive of the vehicle being a crossover equivalent of the C-Class. Unlike the GLK-Class which has a very boxy, typical SUV-like design, the GLC-Class will have a very curvy design, highly inspired from that of the C-Class. The tail lamps, though, will be similar to that of the GLE Coupe.

While the first generation model was left-hand drive only and thus limited to a few markets, the second generation model will have a right-hand drive version also and will be made available to more markets globally. The engines can be expected to be carried over from the C-Class. The company announced last month that it will launch 10 PHEV models by 2017, one every fourth months. The GLE-Class will be the three-pointed star’s first product from the crossover/SUV range to be offered with a PHEV model. A PHEV model of the GLC-Class would also be introduced, probably in late 2016 or early 2017. As per the new nomenclature system for PHEV models, “e” suffix will be added to the PHEV model’s name. A high-performance AMG derivative can be expected to arrive in 2016, most possibly, with the familiar, handcrafted 4.0-litre biturbo V8 engine under the hood.

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