2016 Renault Fluence-Megane Sedan rendering second image

2016 Renault Fluence/Renault Megane Sedan – Render

October 14, 2016

The Renault Fluence, the successor to the second generation Renault Megane Saloon, is due for a complete redesign. A test mule of the 2016 Renault Megane-based compact sedan has already been spied testing in France, which could be launched as the 2016 Renault Fluence or the 2016 Renault Megane Sedan.

A speculative rendering from automotive illustrator Theophilus Chin previews how the three-box will possibly look like.

2016 Renault Fluence-Megane Sedan rendering

The Renault Megane Sedan will likely be based on the CMF-C/d version of the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s CMF (Common Module Family) platform, as with the Renault Megane hatchback. The more practical alternative to the Megane hatchback should mainly focus on European markets. In case we’re talking about the second gen Renault Fluence, the offering wouldn’t be that premium. This is because the Fluence is mainly aimed at the developing markets in the Middle-East, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa, and so, the price would be highly influential in the product’s success, which will have a bearing on the quality of the car.

2016 will see introduction of several new cars from Renault. Besides the all-new Renault Fluence/Megane Sedan, the company will also introduce the second generation 2016 Renault Koleos (or Renault Koleos successor), fourth generation 2016 Renault Scenic, as well as its three-row version, the 2017 Renault Grand Scenic.

[Image Source: Theophilus Chin]

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