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2016 Toyota 86/2016 Toyota GT86 (facelift) details revealed

November 1, 2015

The current, first generation Toyota 86 (Toyota GT86/Toyota FT86) was unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show and will become four years old next month. Next year, Toyota will give the compact sports coupe a mid-life facelift which will bring many changes and new features. Speaking to at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Tetsuya Tada, General Manager and Chief Engineer, Sports Vehicle Management Division, Toyota Motor Corporation, said that “everything” in the car will be changed with the facelift.

To be specific, Mr. Tada revealed that the “engine, body, suspension” of the 2016 Toyota 86 (2016 Toyota GT86) will see changes. Moreover, he also said that a carbon-roofed variant will be offered, though mum on which markets will get it. Both cosmetic and technical updates may result in the prices increasing though.

The 2016 Toyota 86 (2016 Toyota GT86) would be followed by the second generation model later this decade. Mr. Tada said that development never stops and the next generation model is being planned. The chassis would “be improved more” in next generation although he was still reluctant to the idea of employing a downsized turbocharged engines considering their lack of sportiness.

“I think turbo is a really easy solution. I always say we try to show something new, always something challenging,” Mr. Tada said.

“The biggest complaint about that kind of engine is the sound. High compression is almost the same as diesel, it makes a boring engine sound.”

A smaller, high-compression engine with electric turbocharging forms a better option in his opinion.

“It (engine) needs to be smaller, and much more high-compression. Electric turbo? I think so, that’s a really good solution with potential.”


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