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2017 Audi RS 4 is headed to the US in a sedan version

July 23, 2015

The fifth generation Audi A4 was revealed last month and will have its world debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in September. While the sportier variant S4 itself is still in the dark, exciting new details have emerged about the high performance next-gen RS 4. A fresh report from Autocar claims that the all-new RS 4 will have a sedan version. The last time a sedan version was launched, was during the time of the third generation A4 (B7).

The fourth generation A4 arrived in 2008 but the sales of the RS 4 didn’t commence until 2012. And finally when it arrived, it was offered only in a station wagon version. The game would be different this time though. Dr. Horst Glaser, Head of Development Chassis, told the publication that the demand has brought the next-gen model forwards. “Our customers want the RS version earlier in the product lifecycle while the car is still new”, he said. The all-new RS 4 will arrive much earlier this time.

While the outgoing model is offered exclusively in Avant form, the all-new model will be offered in a saloon version, thanks to the demand for a four-door version from influential car markets such as China and the US. The Avant version won’t be dropped considering its significance for the European markets.

The next RS 4 could be powered by a 3.0-litre V6 engine with electric turbocharging technology, as per a report from AutoExpress. The electric turbocharger can reduce the turbo lag at lower engine speeds, till the traditional turbocharger kicks in to do its job at higher engine speeds. The electric turbocharger would be powered by batteries which are charged using energy from regenerative braking.

Using electric turbocharger is an efficient technique for minimising turbo lag, but more expensive than using two sequential twin turbochargers. And so, e-turbo technology will be offered only on top-end models. But even the range-topper won’t be as powereful as the 503-bhp Mercedes-AMG C 63 S, because that rival is powered by an eight-cylinder engine.

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