2012 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang Super Snake fender badge

2017 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang allegedly caught on tape

April 9, 2015

While the 2016 Mustang GT350 and Mustang GT350R are still eagerly awaited by customers, a new report from Horsepower Kings teases Mustang enthusiasts suggesting that Ford is planning to launch the Dodge Challenger Hellcat-rivaling Shelby GT500 Mustang as a 2017 model.

To stay on par with the rival, the GT500’s engine will have to produce over 700 hp. This enormous power output can be expected from a supercharged V8 engine or a new twin turbo EcoBoost V8 engine. If the company does finally develop an EcoBoost V8 powerplant, it may be plonked in the GT supercar as well. The GT500 can be expected to be more of a road-king, rather than a track-focused model like the GT350R, and so, the interiors would also be of an everyday car, rather than that of a track car.

The report also claims that the video uploaded by YouTube user ILSHOU2 which is embedded below, is of a GT500 test mule, even though the video title suggests otherwise.

[Source: Horsepower Kings]

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