2017 Nissan GT-R: Extra Power, More Refined, Definitely a Winner

October 10, 2016

Headlines out of the New York Auto Show are coming fast and furious right now, but today the Nissan GT-R seems to have stolen the most thunder. Nissan brought along its 2017 GT-R to NYC and its boasting even more power, a sleek new look and some subtle touches in the interior.

This is not a total redesign. We will have to wait for two or three more years until Nissan unveils the next generation. But what Nissan has done is take an already incredible car and keep it right on par with the newest competition. The 2017 model packs in 20 additional horses, four more lb-fit of torque from the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V-6, giving this beast a total of 565 and 467, respectively. Although we are still waiting for official new performance figures, the old GT-R was already hitting an outrageous 0-60 in 2.7 seconds. The base price is over $100,000 – and that was on the 2016 model – but given that the performance vaults the GT-R into supercar territory, it’s actually great value. There are times when the GT-R performs like a million-dollar vehicle.

Small, pleasing changes have been made to the body. The panels were tweaked, the hood is different, there are vents near the very large exhaust tips, and the beltline is definitely higher. The most noticeable body change is an aggressively cast front fascia with the V-motion grille, which gives the GT-R better engine cooling. The deeper front splitter also helps keep the car’s nose firmly planted.


The new hood adds some stiffness which adds to the car’s stability at its highest speeds. Nissan’s aim was to create a “sportier and sharper looking car.” They have definitely succeeded in making the GT-R’s edge a little shaper.

Perhaps the best touches come inside the cabin, where the seats have added comfort, the materials are all lighter and the touchscreen has been enlarged in order to reduce dashboard button count by over half. Nissan says the new user interface is still designed by Polyphony Digital, the studio which came up with PlayStation’s completely amazing racing simulators.


The engine looks like it will still roar, but Nissan says the GT-R is meant to be a touring car and runs quieter. They achieved a more subtle sound by tamping down the mechanical sounds in the drivetrain, with a little sound deadening everywhere else. The windshield is now an acoustic glass, which is said to make the interior “much quieter at all speeds.” These small changes definitely underline Nissan’s point: that it wants you to feel as comfortable on a road trip as you are driving the GT-R on the track.

Of course Nissan also added a totally awesome new color, which it calls Blaze Metallic, which you can see on display at the New York Auto Show this week. (It’s basically blazing orange).

The 2017 GT-R will be in showrooms this summer. The pricing has not yet been announced, although it is probably not too far off from the $106,000 base price of the 2016 GT-R. Right now there is no NISMO variant, but if you need to see a NISMO sometime in the next year or so, the odds are in your favor.

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  1. Yo I love this — hot color.

  2. Definitely want to hit up a showroom this summer and take it for a spin.

  3. This one is still a beast. Well done boys!

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