2018 Ferrari Dino roof

Scoop: 2018 Ferrari Dino could feature cylinder deactivation

October 4, 2015

FCA Chairman Sergio Marchionne indicated in June that the classic Ferrari Dino is set for a revival and the word out there is that the revival would happen in 2018. Little is known about the forthcoming entry-level Ferrari, except that it could sport a V6 engine that produces around 500 hp. Now a few patent applications by the Italian sportscar maker provides more details about the all-new Dino or whatever the more affordable Ferrari is called.

2018 Ferrari Dino roof - abstract

Ferrari applied for and has been issued a patent (featured image) of a roof design for a convertible car. It suggests that the forthcoming entry-level model would be front-engined and a hard-top convertible. Another patent (below image) which has also been issued to the company, is of an internal combustion engine with turbocharging, which would feature cylinder deactivation technology that deactivates the cylinders of either of the banks when power requirement from the engine is low.

2018 Ferrari Dino cylinder deactivation

Being the most affordable model in the line-up, the new supercar would likely count for the highest sales. To adhere with the stricter emissions norms and reach its average CO2 emissions target set by the EU legislation, Ferrari will need to find ways for more efficiency and this would probably be the first time we’ll see a Ferrari with cylinder deactivation.

2018 Ferrari Dino cylinder deactivation - abstract

Mr. Marchionne saying that “we may produce a 500 hp Ferrari” has fired up speculations that the new entry-level would be powered by the 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine that will serve the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde.

2018 Ferrari Dino electric turbocharging

Another patent (above image) issued to Ferrari this year, is of a turbocharger for a supercharged internal combustion engine, which is provided with an electrical machine. This indicates that the company may use electric turbocharging in its future models.

2018 Ferrari Dino electric turbocharging - abstract

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