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A Jeep pickup truck is being planned, official confirms

October 18, 2015

FCA is said to be planning a Jeep pickup truck based on the Jeep Wrangler but there wasn’t an official confirmation before. However, now, Mark Allen, Head of Jeep Design, FCA North America, has confirmed that a Jeep pickup truck is being planned.

Speaking about the next generation Jeep Wrangler during an interview with at the Jeep Renegade’s launch in Far North Queensland, Mr. Allen said: “You’re not going to be terribly surprised by it (next-gen Jeep Wranger).”

Next, the publication asked about the pickup truck and that was when he confirmed that such model is being planned. “Its (the pickup truck’s design) is less stable. It’s not really a project yet. We hope it to be. There’s been planning on it,” he stated.

Mr. Allen didn’t confirm whether the pickup truck will be based on the next-gen Wrangler or a completely new vehicle in itself with a different platform. That’s because the company is still working on that decision.

That’s not the only issue. The body-on-frame plant at the Toledo Assembly Complex in Ohio, USA is being utilized to its full capacity for the Wrangler currently and there’s no room for another model. As per a report released last month though, the unibody plant where the Cherokee is built currently, is planned to be converted to a body-on-frame plant. If that’s done, then production capacity shouldn’t be a problem.

“We’ve got a vehicle [Wrangler] that’s unique, that has exceeded its global demand for a number of years and as we get to the ute, if there’s an expansion in capacity it could result in something meaningful for us,” Mr. Allen concluded.


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