About Us

SteeringNews covers any and all automotive stories, from hydrogen fueled concept cars, to the future of pickup trucks worldwide. Missing nothing, SteeringNews attempts to not only cover the what is trending, but also to reexamine our approach to cars and try to look towards the future of personal transport. Certainly, no matter what the category is, anything with four wheels and an engine will eventually pass through SteeringNews


Editor – Robert Ardent

A true automobile enthusiast, Robert’s affair with four wheels began way back, about 21 years ago when he was living in Singapore. Ever since then, he can relates all of his ‘important life firsts’ to cars. The first book he ever read was World Car Guide. The first cartoon he ever saw was Speed Buggy. And like most of you, the first thing he did when he turned 18 was to get my driver’s license. Always eager to find the most recent breakthrough in design, technology and just overall coolness to bring it the readers of SteeringNews.

Assistant Editor – Andre Donati

The best way to see Andre’s love for the automotive field is to read his posts. Andre comes from the Finance world and contributes to SteeringNews purely for the love of four wheels. Andre is very interested in new developments in the automotive field and is a self proclaimed “Super Nerd” when it comes to high-end tech look for Andre’s articles on everything from self driving cars to roadable car-airplaines .

Assistant Editor – Brianna Ahearn

Brianna is a contributor to various blogs and has a knack for finding compelling stories in the technology and automotive field. Brianna brings very interesting perspectives on how the four wheels that drive us around impact our lives, our environment, and what we can expect from this sector in the future. Look for Brianna’s articles for interesting insights on how we engage with our cars. Brianna always bring an interesting edge on everything from the everyday Ford Fusion to the Prototype Lamborghini.