Acura and Hyundai Preview Its Super Bowl Ads, Featuring the NSX and Elantra

March 30, 2017

This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday in America, which also means it is one of the biggest days of a year for automakers. Once again, automakers will be among the most dominant ad categories, with at least nine companies publicly committing to commercials, although there may wind up being more. The cost of a 30 second Super Bowl spot is a staggering $5 million dollars, which is probably why four of the biggest automakers, Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz, are sitting this year out.

Acura NSX


Acura is getting early buzz for its spot, which features the Van Halen song “Runnin’ With the Devil.” Acura is promoting its NSX in the ad, which is officially called “What He Said.” The company aims to change its image by emphasizing speed and performance with its NSX supercar. The NSX has been a long time coming, as it was first previewed during the 2012 Super Bowl in a commercial featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. The NSX is a two-seater that will set you back $156,000. It will be on sale this February. The NSX runs on a V6 engine and has a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission for maximum power.

Acura is trying to rebuild its image under the new tagline “Precision Crafted Performance.” That certainly fits the NSX, which is made-to-order. Although it will sell less than 1,000 of the cars, Acura hopes to entice people into the fold with the excitement of the supercar.

The ad emphasizes the process of manufacturing the NSX, with the opening of the song syncing with the NSX rising from shots of water, molten steel and flying sparks. The car is being built and designed in Ohio, so the company chose red, white and blue as the background color scheme. The ad opens with a plain vocal track featuring David Lee Roth and then blends in the rest of the song.

Since 80 percent of brands make their ads available online before the big game, Acura chose to debut it on YouTube, where it has already garnered 614,000+ views.

Hyundai Elantra


Meanwhile, Hyundai is revving up with four ads for the day of the Super Bowl. It will premiere two advertisements before kick-off and two advertisements during the game. The in-game ads are already available online. The first, featuring actor Ryan Reynolds, is called “Ryanville.” The humorous commercial is about a town full of Ryan Reynolds clones. Two excited women drive through Ryanville to stare at Reynolds. Although this is not exciting to viewers unless they love Reynolds, there are plenty of good looks at the 2016 Elantra.

Meanwhile, in “The Chase” angry bears run after a terrified couple. The Elantra’s voice-activated start feature helps the couple get away from the bear just before catastrophe. This commercial also has a bit of funny business, but is also unmemorable.

One pre-game ad will star Kevin Hart for Hyundai’s Genesis sedan. The other pre-game ad will show off the automaker’s vow to produce better cars and better customer experiences.

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  1. Wow Ryan Reynolds who thought that douche could sell some cars?

    • He’s in the new superhero movie, so I’m sure that was the thinking.

  2. These are all boring except for the NSX – I admit to getting a little thrill watching that car rise up.

  3. I hope you do a run down of the other 7 commercials to see how they played on that Sunday.

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