Jaguar C-X75 and Aston Martin DB10

Aston Martin DB10 & Jaguar C-X75 spotted in Rome while filming Spectre

The Aston Martin DB10 and Jaguar C-X75 have been spotted undisguised in Rome while filming scenes for the upcoming James Bond movie ‘Spectre’. Two Aston Martin DB10s and one Jaguar C-X75 were spotted on the set. The Aston Martin DB10s were finished in silver body paint, while the Jaguar C-X75 featured orange exterior colour.

Aston Martin DB10 spotted

The scene involves the villain chasing James Bond who is driving the Aston Martin DB10, in his Jaguar C-X75. During the stunt scene, Daniel Craig was just acting as the driver of the DB10 but the actual driving was done by a stuntman who was driving it sitting in a pod system mounted on to the roof. The car chase scene was filmed along the banks of the Tiber river.

As per a leak by the production company, one of the cars will end up in the river but this part of the scene is yet to be shot.

Aston Martin DB10 Spectre filming

The Sam Mendes directed James Bond film Spectre will be released internationally on November 6 this year.

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