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Aston Martin DBX won’t use Mercedes’s MRA platform

May 16, 2015

The earlier report from British media suggesting that the forthcoming Aston Martin DBX crossover will use Mercedes’s Modular Rear-wheel Drive Architecture (MRA), as it turns out, is not true. The crossover was confirmed on 30 April this year, thanks to a new round of funding that helped the company raise £200 Mn.

Citing a conversation with Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, a fresh report from Automotive News Europe indicates Aston Martin’s clear expression of lack of interest in using the platform for its crossover as it won’t be suitable. Mr. Palmer says that the DBX would be more crossover than SUV and so, Daimler’s (MRA) platform would not be suitable. Aston Martin wants to position the DBX differently, not as an SUV, he adds.

The company probably wants DBX to be as car like as its other cars. According to the report, the CEO said that the crossover should go with the brand’s sports heritage. An SUV’s high front seat position makes the driver and co-driver feel as if they are sitting on the car, which is not the feeling Aston Martin wants to give with the DBX.

The British luxury car maker is developing a new platform for the DB9-replacing DB11. This platform is likely to be used for the DBX crossover if it is capable of being tweaked to go high-enough from the ground for offering an appropriate ride height. Some parts may be borrowed from Mercedes, but the platform is likely to be a self-developed one.

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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