Aston Martin DBX concept left side

Aston Martin won’t make an SUV as it’s against its DNA

September 29, 2015

Call it misleading or exaggeration, terming crossovers as ‘SUVs’ has become a common practice among automakers these days, especially the luxury ones. But Aston Martin isn’t one of them. The company won’t call the production version of the DBX Concept an SUV. In fact, the company not at all interested in making an SUV, because of the boxy look which doesn’t look appealing, in its opinion.

In an interview with The Drive, Andy Palmer, Aston Martin CEO, suggested that as Aston Martin customers usually own a luxury SUV like the Land Rover Range Rover, a sensible decision would be to make an SUV. But making such boxy vehicles is against its DNA, he indicated.

“There is no beauty in there (SUVs). You cannot make a beautiful SUV, it’s impossible. Because the raison d’être of an SUV is basically maximizing versatility, maximizing space, which means you make a box. And boxes aren’t beautiful.”

While the DBX Concept’s production version that will be a crossover is a talk of a relatively distant future, the British luxury automaker’s more recent plans include the Aston Martin DB11 supercar that was officially announced at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (2015 IAA) this month. The DB11 has been spotted several times undergoing road-testing under the DB9 body, as seen in these spyshots. The DB11 would replace the current DB9 sometime next year, sporting a Mercedes-AMG-sourced engine.

[Source: The Drive]

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