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Australia: Ford planning Territory replacement

August 4, 2015

Ford Australia will cease the local production of its cars in October 2016 owing to the difficult economic situation in the country. This means that the domestically-manufactured Falcon sedan and the Territory crossover will have to be phased out.

There are more than 165,000 Territory owners in Australia and many of them will be looking forward to the car’s replacement next year. Thus, Ford has started to draw plans for the Territory’s successor and according to Car Advice, there are two options that the company is exploring.

One of them is the second generation Edge crossover. The all-new model has already been rolled out in right-hand-drive (RHD) markets like the UK and hence is the prime candidate for the replacement. The other is the next-gen Explorer. Currently it is primarily aimed at the North American market but for 2017, Ford could launch it with a more global strategy in mind. However, considering its arrival time, Ford could have to go months without a successor to the Territory.

Nonetheless, the new model will join the Australian-designed Everest to form Ford’s two-level large SUV lineup in the country.

Moreover, the report further states that Ford might as well retire the ‘Territory’ badge instead of re-badging an imported vehicle with the same name. This is because the imported vehicle will be “worthy” of the hallowed name and it will be best to give it a foreign name since the car will be fundamentally different than the Territory.

[Source: Car Advice]

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