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Australia: Lexus models get cheaper following the Australia-Japan FTA

February 4, 2015

Following the implementation of the Australia-Japan Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Lexus has revised the pricing of its key model lines in Australia. Thanks to the removal of the 5% import duty that existed previously, the CT, IS, ES, GS, LS, RX and LX model lines have now become more affordable.

The new pricing is as follows*:-

CT200h Luxury $37,990 (-$2000)
CT200h F-Sport $46,990 (-$2000)
CT200h Sports Luxury $54,990 (-$2000)

IS250 Luxury $54,000 (-$2500)
IS250 F-Sport $62,000 (-$3000)
IS250 Sports Luxury $74,000 (-$4700.00)

IS350 Luxury $62,000 (-$3400)
IS350 F-Sport $70,000 (-$3600)
IS350 Sports Luxury $82,000 (-$2800)

IS300h Luxury $57,000 (-$2500)
IS300h F-Sport $65,000 (-$3900)

ES350 Luxury $62,000 (-$2900)
ES350 Sports Luxury $71,000 (-$2900)

ES300h Luxury $60,500.00 (-$2900)
ES300h Sports Luxury $69,500 (-$2900)

GS250 Luxury $72,500 (-$4500)
GS250 F-Sport $80,500 (-$4500)

GS350 F-Sport $96,000 (-$3,900)
GS350 Sports Luxury $107,500.00 (-$4100)

GS450h F-Sport $108,000 (-$4500)
GS450h Sports Luxury ($119,500 (-$4400)

GS300h Luxury $75,000 (-$4400)
GS300h F-Sport $83,000 (-$4400)
GS300h Sports Luxury $98,000 (-$4400)

LS460 F-Sport $183,000 (-$6430)
LS460 Sports Luxury $188,000 (-$6630)

LS600hL 4 Seat $251,000 (-$8630)
LS600hL 5 Seat $241,000 -($8630)

LS600h F-Sport $210,500 (-$7130)

RX270 $64,500 (-$4074)

RX350 Luxury $73,500 (-$3074)
RX350 F-Sport $81,500 (-$3074)
RX350 Sports Luxury $90,000 (-$3074)

RX450h Luxury $80,000 (-$29000
RX450h F-Sport $87,000 (-$2900)
RX450h Sports Luxury $97,000 (-$3900)

LX570 $134,700.00 (-$4874)

More information is available in the press release below.


Lexus Australia has revised the pricing of key model lines following the implementation of Australia’s new free trade agreement with Japan.

Lexus will introduce reduced pricing on its CT, IS, ES, GS, LS, RX and LX model lines thanks to the removal of the existing five per cent import duty as part of the new agreement between the two countries.

Reductions have already been applied to the new NX compact SUV and RC coupe model lines.

The retail price reduction ranges from $2,000 on CT 200h premium hybrid hatch to more than $8,600 on the LS limousine.

Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley said the price restructuring provided an opportunity for new customers to experience the Lexus brand.

“In recent times we have introduced dynamic new models that offer progressive design and performance in NX and RC,” Mr Hanley said.

“Now we can offer our existing model lines with even more competitive pricing to allow more customers to experience the vast benefits of Lexus ownership,” Mr Hanley said.

“That ownership experience is built on enhanced features, leading technology, design, unmatched reliability and a rewarding driving experience.

“It is positive news for our brand and customers and adds to what is already a significant year for Lexus as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.”

The new pricing takes effect from February 1, 2015.

*Source: CarAdvice

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