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Australia: NISMO won’t be launched before 2016

August 14, 2015

Nissan’s high performance brand NISMO (Nissan Motorsport) won’t be launched in Australia before 2016, according to a new report by Even when it finally does enter the market, its range won’t include three models as rumoured earlier. Instead, only one model from NISMO, most likely the 600 hp GT-R or the 348 hp 370Z, will be launched initially.

“There will be NISMO-branded products in Australia next year,” said Nissan Australia CEO Richard Emery. “But I don’t know how many there will be.”

NISMO was first rumoured to be coming to Australia in 2014. However, its arrival has now been postponed on several occasions. The Australian publication states that the reason behind this is the limited production of NISMO models and their strong demand in existing markets like North America. Although NISMO President and CEO Shoichi Miyatani is keen to get the NISMO models to Australia, it is said that there are some issues “further down the management chain.”

“You have to make sure that decision is the right one on a global scale,” said the CEO. He further added: “Adding another level of complexity to those NISMO models for another market which is small volume is just hard to get through all the ticks through all the people who have to sign the piece of paper.”

Meanwhile, Mr, Emery did confirm that “either the Z or GT-R” will be the first NISMO model to come to Australia. “It just depends on engineering timing more than anything else. Paperwork.” he commented.

Mr. Emery also announced that a network of NISMO dealers will be set up in the country to sell the cars, although the investment in specific showrooms for the model range is likely to be on a case-by-case basis.

“The execution of how that [NISMO] looks in a dealership is still to be determined based on how much volume there is,” Mr. Emery said. “If a dealer is going to get access to 10 NISMOs a year then he is not going to go and put extra investment into a facility. He might put aside a space, but that discussion with the network about investment in NISMO space or environments will be connected to how many cars we can access.”


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