Toyota Back to the Future Mirai (4)

Back to the Future Toyota Mirai unveiled at 2015 SEMA Show

November 6, 2015

Toyota has unveiled a Back to the Future-inspired custom Toyota Mirai at the 2015 SEMA Show as a re-imagination of Doc Brown’s time machine. This model was created by Toyota in collaboration with MV Designz.

The first thing that is immediately noticeable about the exterior is that, this model has been converted to two-door coupe format. Then there are the doors themselves which are of the gullwing type, harking back to the DMC DeLorean featured in the film. Further body changes are the custom brushed-aluminium paint (another resemblance), ‘OUTATIME’ California license plate and custom 19-inch “Infinity” LED wheels and tires. The body also rides much lower than the original thanks to a custom air-ride suspension setup. The trunk has been modified to slide back and reveal the pop-up fusion generator, the power source for the time machine.

On the inside, blue LED lighting has been used throughout the cabin. To keep with the theme, there is also a flux capacitor housed in the centre console. The original head unit has been replaced by an integrated tablet and there’s also a head-up destination clock display.

Mechanically, there are no changes. The Back to the Future-inspired Toyota Mirai’s fuel cell-powered electric motor produces 152 hp and 247 lb.-ft. (335 Nm) of torque.

Back To The Future Toyota Mirai – Image Gallery

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