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BMW allegedly collaborating with Lexus on a supercar

September 26, 2015

While the rumour about a new BMW having talks with McLaren for a new supercar has been dismissed by Frank van Meel, BMW M CEO, a new report from Car And Driver says that the German automaker is collaborating with Lexus for a new supercar.

BMW has a strategic collaboration with Toyota, Lexus’s parent company, in four several fields including joint development of a fuel cell system, joint development of architecture and components for a future sports vehicle, and joint research and development of lightweight technologies. Reports say that it is already working on the next-gen BMW Z4 with the Japanese partner.

While Mr. van Meel has stated that BMW doesn’t plan to introduce a new halo car positioned above the BMW i8, the new report says that BMW and Lexus have already built a prototype featuring a mid-engine layout and all-wheel drive. On the prototype’s body, the report says that the design features a carbon-fiber tub married to an aluminum space frame.

Citing insiders, the report says that two powertrains are currently under development, one each for BMW and Lexus. For the BMW’s version, we’re talking about a plug-in hybrid powertrain that consists of a BMW M-developed twin-turbo straight-six petrol engine and electric motors. Naturally, the plug-in hybrid technology is developed by Toyota.

[Source: Car And Driver]

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