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Will a BMW i1 see the light of day before 2020?

November 13, 2014

BMW insider ‘Scott27’ has talked about the possibility of BMW making a BMW i1 to sit below the i3. This city car would be the sister to the Mini Rocketman, which Mini showcased as a concept car in 2011, and is yet to be mass-produced.

Taking the same direction as the other i models in philosophy and construction, the BMW i1 will meet production, but won’t come in this decade, has opined.

The website writes that the i3 is selling with incentives with complaints coming from different directions on space and range. A car with a smaller battery would be impractical in these circumstances and cabin space might not meet BMW standards.

The enthusiast blog, an expert in all matters related to BMW, says the sub-brand will hunt in higher segments and models such as the i5 or i9 “are closer to reality than the i1.”

A crossover SUV could also make the cut as that would see BMW more in tune with the times and more relevant as it could take on the darling of the EV market, Tesla Motors, whose next product is a family crossover.

BMW have spent a whopping $2 billion on the i3 and would want to make it the pinnacle of its brand, the website signs off.

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