2018 BMW i5 speculative rendering

BMW i5 decision is just around the corner

January 15, 2016

There have been various speculations about what the BMW i5, the alleged next next BMW i model, could be. Earlier this year, the German media said that it will be a plug-in hybrid sport sedan, but last month, BMW AG CEO Harald Krueger confirmed that the next BMW i will be an all-electric car bigger than the BMW i3.

As per a fresh report from Autocar, the decision about the next BMW i model is just around the corner. Speaking to the British publication, BMW AG Board Member, Sales and Marketing, Ian Robertson, said that the company is in “the final stages” of deciding the type of model that it will add to the BMW i sub-brand. Apart from a potential Tesla Model 3 rival, word out there is that the next model of the electrified vehicle sub-brand would rather be a longer version of the BMW i3, sort of a mini-MPV.

“You will see more i products and we are in the final stages of deciding what the next car will be and when you’ll see it,” Mr. Robertson said. “We will look back 100 years at that point, but mainly into the future,” he added.

The company may introduce a concept version, probably next year, coinciding with its centenary celebrations.

[Source: Autocar]

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  1. Really thought BMW would favor more of a hybrid. I think it’s fair to say an electrified version is taking a much bigger swing at emissions and fuel efficiency. I like it.

    • Definitely aiming for the Tesla market share.

  2. That concept drawing is all sorts of boring though.

  3. A mini-MPV. Hmm, lots to parse in that statement. Not sure if that would truly rival Tesla.

  4. Waiting for confirmation on this. More electrified cars, please.

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