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BMW Z5 rendered: Is BMW readying a Mercedes-AMG GT rival?

February 25, 2015

Following a number of speculations and rumours about the BMW Z5, a rendering of the car has been posted on BMW fan site BimmerPost. The sketch is a BMW enthusiast’s impression of what the BMW Z5 could possibly look like. Clearly, the side view is reminiscent of the BMW Zagato Coupe that never made it to the market.

The BMW Z5 has been long-rumoured to be a co-developed project of BMW and Toyota. While many in the automotive media speculate the Z5 to be a larger and more powerful replacement for the Z4, the Z5 could instead be an all-new vehicle in itself rather than a replacement.

The supportive thought is that the Z4 is BMW’s rival for the Mercedes-Benz SLK-CLass and the Audi TT, and axing the Z4 roadster would definitely hurt BMW’s sales in that segment. Yes, a larger and more powerful replacement for the Z4 sounds perfect but then it would not be able to stay in the same price bracket in which the Audi TT and the Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class compete in.

BMW may take the Z4 to its next-generation model with a larger body and more powerful engines but it would probably still stand in the same ‘compact roadster’ segment as it currently does.

The 6-Series Coupe already does the job of handling the grand tourer segment well. Where BMW loses the fight to its German rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz, is in the sports car segment. A Mercedes-AMG GT and Audi R8 rivaling BMW Z5, so then fits the bill.

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  1. Seems these days, that the best designs come unsolicited from the creative public, not the OEM’s design staff.

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