25+ Best Bedroom Designs for Boys


A bedroom is the one place in a house where one can truly feel at “home.” Creating the perfect space for a boy to express his creativity and incorporate his interests — while keeping a practical design or on a budget — can be a daunting task. You might not want to redecorate every few years, or you may want something that can easily be replaced or removed.

By sifting through many different bedroom designs for boys of all ages, we have chosen the best designs out there that you can integrate into your own son’s room. Not only have we chosen ones considering different age groups, but we have also picked decor that would suit different personalities, so this isn’t just your ordinary list of complete “boyish” looks.

Here are some important notes to keep in mind:

Toddler and Children Room Design Notes

A Room That He Can Grow up In

When you deal with kids, it may not be wise to go all out and blow all your cash on a room (unless you want to, of course). Children will still go through very distinct phases and are most likely to shift their interests within a time span of just a few months or years, depending on the trends of the time — so having simple designs that you can replace, like posters and wallpapers, might be your best bet.

Manage the Space

Kids need their space to run around, entertain friends, and play with their toys. So, ensure that your child does have the space to roam to stimulate their wild imaginations.

Learning Location

While children want to play all day, their room should also be a place for them to aspire to learn. Having a spot where they can be quiet and learn that is designed with their favorite books, as well as having their awards put up in that area, would motivate them to strive as well.

Teenage Room Design Notes

Privacy Matters

When it comes to teenagers, a lot of them spend a lot of time in their rooms. It becomes their version of a house within a house. When they have their friends over, more often than not, they don’t come out to “hang” and simply “chill” in the room. So, they will highly appreciate a room that allows them to lounge around all day and is unique to just them.

A Fort to Focus

Teenagers have their whole future ahead of them and have way more assignments and exams to complete before they leave the house to work or go to college. This means that there really needs to be a dedicated study corner, probably wider than the learning location they had as a child, that gets them to focus and learn without all the distractions.
So without further ado, here are some creative and fun rooms for boys to inspire the look of your son’s room.

Awesome Boys Bedroom Ideas

It is a common thought that a child’s room has to be whimsical with a lot of crazy colors. However, some boys would prefer a more toned-down room that is more mature and elegant looking. Having a white wall with dark colors or low-key pastel tones is one way to achieve this and gives you a more minimalistic and modern design that can suit a range of ages because of its neutrality.
A typical sleigh bed is suitable for both traditional and contemporary design schemes. Having something this simple will also allow your boys to easily show more of their personality as they grow up, as they can stick up whatever suits them at any point.

Awesome Boys Bedroom Ideas

Schoolroom Style Teen Boy’s Room

This bedroom idea gives a fun take on being an old-timey schoolboy. The conventional navy blue is a color that easily pops out even with a customary navy ship accented wall. It also simplifies how you decorate the room as you just have to use a recurrent of the same navy blue color or just variant shades of it.
Additions that relate to wood, leather, and steel, such as a wooden desk, leather satchels, and perhaps even a rocking chair, can really produce a vibrant vintage and old-fashioned look.

Schoolroom Style Teen Boy’s Room

Teen Boy’s Area With Map Mural

This kind of room will definitely capture the heart of more adventurous and imaginative boys. Having a visual representation such as a large map encompassing an entire wall may help encourage an artistic spark in your son. It may also make them feel as if they are traveling the world.
Having a wall such as the one in the picture does not restrict you from letting your imagination go wild. If it is a whimsical room wherein you can play with patterns that you are after, this type of room would be perfect for that.

Teen Boy’s Area With Map Mural

Area With Map Mural

Gallery Wall in A Boy’s Bedroom

A museum-like feel in a room would be befitting for a boy who loves to learn science and history. Add some wallpaper that has the color palette of Bali Hai and Nepal but make sure that while it might be filled into the whole room, it shouldn’t take up the walls in its entirety. Leaving a quarter of the bottom part of the wall for a color like grey that allows your initial color palette to stand out will add to the feel you are going for.
After which, hanging paintings, pictures, your child’s artwork will form their own little gallery or museum of cherished things within the proximity of their room.

Gallery Wall in A Boy’s BedroomGallery Wall in A Boy’s Bedroom

Boy’s Bedroom With Painted Panelling

Those paneled wall storage areas do not have to be the reason why your ideal room design should adjust. Instead, mix things up a bit by changing up or working around your fixtures to create the room you want. You can spice things up a bit by giving the room a single hue, such as dark blue, that, while minimalistic in its design, makes for a more animated room.
Now, you can set up whatever you want on top of those paneled surfaces, be it your bright bags, pictures of your son with his friends, etc. It is a win-win for making the room look comfortable but making the things that matter stand out and practical at the same time.

Boy’s Bedroom With Painted PanellingBedroom With Painted Panelling

Football-Themed Boys’ Bedroom

Many boys are physically active and enjoy sports such as football. If your son is an athlete or loves watching sporting events, build him a sports haven in his personal area.
Try building surrounding shelves that he can keep his trophies, medals, and other sports-related memorabilia in, with LED lights in the background. This is a very easy design and theme to go for while also keeping his interests in mind.

25+ Best Bedroom Designs for Boys25+ Best Bedroom Designs for Boys25+ Best Bedroom Designs for Boys

Space-Saving Boys’ Bedroom

This is a simple design that allows for more space and ample storage in the room and is a clever way to change the aspects of the room in the future with ease. While its design can be seen as oversimplified, we find that it looks very elegant.
Painting the wall two colors in itself makes an entire difference in the room’s overall ambiance without disregarding its practicality at all.

 Architecture Art Designs Space Saving Ideas for Small Kids Rooms Architecture Art Designs Space Saving Ideas for Small Kids Rooms Architecture Art Designs Space Saving Ideas for Small Kids Rooms

Elegant Kid’s Bedroom With Chaise Longue

If you have the extra space that makes your son’s room more than just a place to sleep in but also a place for him and his friends to hang out and relax, adding a comfortable chaise lounge would be a great idea.
It also gives your son a chance to look outside the window comfortably should he need a change of scenery every now and then. It also gives your son more options of things to do instead of lying in his bed all day.

Boys’ Bedroom With Tent

For playful and more outdoorsy types of boys, having a fun tent indoors for him and his friends to camp in is a fun thing to include in his room without taking up too much space. Adding light-up words like the “Play” in the picture adds to the more fun aspects of the room.
It’s also a good idea to utilize one color, even if it is just white, to centralize the theme of the room and to make them more playful and high-spirited parts of the room stand out.

Boys’ Bedroom With Racing Car Bed

No one loves the idea of driving fast cars more than little boys. Having a vehicle as the main centerpiece of the room, or if that isn’t feasible, having a car-themed room filled with vehicles, maybe even Formula 1 souvenirs, toys, and stickers, would definitely make your son’s eyes glow and his heart race.
Strong colors for the curtains and carpet and, of course, stripes will help heighten the vibe of a car-themed room. This is definitely going to be a room for winners.

Boys’ Twin Bedroom Ideas

Not all parents come with just one son; sometimes, parents can be gifted with two little surprises. Having extra room to roam is a necessity for just one boy; having two would mean you would need a surplus. If you have two twin boys that will need to share a room, a bunk bed is a splendid way to save space and give them room to do so much more. The space under the bunk beds would also help store boxes, toys, and games in a neat and tidy way.
As usual, since we are talking about twins, a great idea would be the typical matching items. But it would be best to keep that specific design only matching on their beds, as they both might have different personalities that they would prefer to express in other areas of the room.

Boy Toddler Bedroom Ideas

It is the responsibility as parents to oversee our children, kindle their spirits, and be a pillar to their growth. Not only should we make room for a toddler more entertaining and amusing, but it should also contain things that appeal to your young one. At this stage in life, they probably already know how to express and determine their likes and dislikes, what they are specifically attracted to, and what bores them. Little boys would have their own personalities at this point that can really assist you in making your design choices just right for you and your child.

Awesome Boy Bedroom Ideas: Indoor Safari

A safari-themed room that allows your kid to imagine himself in the midst of the African Savanna with animals will help encourage his love for animals and exploration.
This room is a great example of what you could do to achieve a safari-like look. Yellow walls to give it a more “land” vibe, and the murals of animals, tents, and possibly even animal print sheets would help the atmosphere fit its theme. This is something where you can go as wild as the animals in the jungle.

Child Room Decoration Ideas

Not all rooms for children that are vibrant and colorful are automatically babyish. Vivid patterns filled with colors can allow a room to be lively while having a contemporary style, as seen above.
To help this enjoyable wall stand out, you can do the opposite as what was proposed in the other bedrooms. Here, since the wall has colors that stand out, having more dark tones or neutral colors for the bed, carpet, and other pieces in the room can go a long way into making it just as dynamic without being too overboard.

Fun Kids Room Ideas

Some kids love futuristic themes such as robots and rockets, but having a very technological-looking room may be too mature for a young boy. He might still be the type to love those things but is still very playful and young at heart.
Therefore, blending the two options by choosing graphic and radiant, if not a little cartoonish, additions can aid in completing this look. Ensure that the walls and floorboards are more of a plain color to allow the fun but futuristic furnishings to stand out.

Boy Bedroom Ideas: 5 Years Of Age

An effortless and manageable design of hanging small, bright trinkets such as lights or balloons can look just as vibrant as any other room for your son. It also adds to the convenience of considering their age and adding new life to their room as they age.
Sticking with light pastel tones for the walls and adding carpets that don’t stand out in any particular way can help your child imagine all the different ways he could switch up his room to his own liking in the future.

6 Year Old Boy Room Ideas

An elegant theme — but also something that looks good without being too plain — would be to go for a black and white theme. While, in theory, it may seem like a very bland mix for a room, it actually looks very cozy and fascinating when it is all put together.
It is an even better design if you have a child that loves soccer, as the black and white hues would be a fitting choice for this kind of room.

Decorating Ideas For 8 Year Old Boys’ Room

Another great idea would be to keep about four colors as the centralized theme in the room. Picking a variant of three earth tones such as white, grey, and brown, and one dominant color such as deep blue is one interesting idea, such as the picture above for your reference.
Contrary to the 60-30-10 rule when it comes to the rules of design, your dominant color won’t be at 60% but will be a strong enough color for you to say it is not neutral-looking. Having an accented wall can help strengthen this look.

Boy Bedroom Ideas: 9 Year Old

As a boy gets older and probably has more activities that they participate in, teaching them to tidy up after themselves play a huge role in their development.
If the room has a more neutral feel to it, adding bright-colored baskets, fancy dressers, and drawers will be an engaging point for him to notice them and use them as necessary. It is also a convenient way for him to learn the concept of maintenance, cleanliness, and orderliness. All of the mentioned accessories can have a common color so that they can add to the overall theme in the room.

10 Year Old Boy Bedroom Ideas

The traditional blue ambiance for a boy can be played around a bit in a welcoming and fashionable way.
Keeping a big, bold, blue, striped rug that encompasses almost the entirety of the room is an easy decoration for a room. Furthermore, a hammock, just like the chaise lounge mentioned earlier, can give extra space for your son to move about. He can lounge in his room or be accommodating to other guests; a hammock can make even a small space welcoming.

Boys’ Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Small things come in big packages. Just because a space is small does not mean that there is not much you can do with it. Just look at shows like Tiny Houses and how they are able to engulf a small box-like house into something that has everything you could possibly need.
Using that same concept in mind, innovating a small room can still come with the grandest of ideas.

Bunk Bed Storage Space for Kids

Bunk beds if you have two boys — or loft beds if you have one — is a great way to save space in a room. With more and more people living in apartments than houses, you can find a lot of ideas online on how to make a small room just as enthralling as your typical room.
Keeping things simple like the picture above with pastel-colored paint and two earthy tones (white and grey) is one way to make a small room look less cluttered.

Creative Space Saving Room

Just because a room is small does not mean that it cannot be interactive. Having a small space that gives opportunities for your child to study goes to show that there is no stopping you from learning.
You can add a vision board, have a small whiteboard, and stick letters and numbers to the room, all without taking up a lot of space in the room. This can also be easily moved around should your son want to change positions of all of this in the future.

Portable Playhouse Boys’ Room

While having a treehouse might be every child’s dream, it may not always be feasible to have one. Making his room a kind of playhouse or sanctuary that serves the same purpose as a typical treehouse would make the usual home-life a lot more fun.
Allowing for amusing props that can be taken out or teepees that can be stowed away adds so many activities in your child’s room alone. Keeping wooden slabs or floorboards emphasizes the treehouse vibe that you and your child may be after.

Bye-Bye Doors Room Ideas

If you really think about it, doors can actually take up a lot of space in a bedroom, as it forces you to segregate the room into different sections without utilizing it to its full capacity.
An open closet or wardrobe gives more breathing room and does not force you to stuff things inside and have things that might not fit. Keeping it open makes for an obtainable storage space where everything fits.
It also encourages a more tidy look, as your son will be forced to only keep things or clothing that are necessary.

Secret Stowaways

Sleepovers are very common for extroverted children with a lot of friends. In contrast to a lot of the previous examples that give your son’s friends a place to hang out while in the room, some may end up having to stay over.
Being friend-friendly — like having a pull-out bed or sleeping bags that are easily stashed away — would give your child’s peers a comfortable time staying under your roof even after playtime.

Unique Boys’ Beds With a Lift

This photo has a more lumberjack feel to it and highlights a more outdoor or retreat kind of vibe under the stars where you tell stories to each other.
Just like the bunk bed, if you have boys that are around a similar age, a loft bed with two beds underneath is a great way to keep your boys’ comfort in mind without them arguing over who has the better bed. It also accommodates a way for these brothers to share stories and open up with each other.

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

Moving on from the early stages into the phase where a boy slowly turns into a man will have a different mood for how a room will look.
This time it isn’t just about the fun side of their personality but their individuality as a whole. It should also be a safe place for them to keep their peace of mind from the insanity of the world outside. At the same time, just like when they were younger, it should be a place that they can be proud of to bring guests over.

Wide Open Up Spaces for Backpacker Teen Boys

Open up spaces in a room can empower your boy to put up more of his interests and design his room befitting to his liking. It also helps keep the room neater if he is one to go out often.
Ensure that if you want more of a room with open-up spaces, you use more neutral colors in all of the main installations in the room. Those can also be easily changed as time progresses and will most likely suit anything your son enjoys.

Space Theme Teenage Boy Room Décor

Compared to that cutesy robot room shown initially, this is a more mature take of what would likely be a future astronomer or astronaut.
Now is the time where you can have more futuristic, more mature designs that were not put up when your son was a kid. Having a mural of the solar system instead of cute little planets hanging is a big jump in a room’s design while illustrating how a child’s interest can grow and mature.
Adding ceiling lights and drawings can make the room more intriguing as well.

Balloon Bed for World Traveler Teen Boys

This kind of room adds a lot of character and shows off the daring, bold, and adventurous side of your son.
Adding pictures of all his different experiences and highlights of his life will not only make the room’s presence come to life but will be filled with all his cherished moments. To emphasize the ‘traveler’ side of your son, adding globes and maps onto shelves can go a long way as well.
A balloon bed instead of a typical bed can also be something he admires as it is portable and suits his traveling personality as well.

So there you have it — a list of all the kinds of bedrooms for boys that you can use to decorate your own son’s room. Hopefully, this list has made the task a lot easier for you to decide on the route you would like to take.

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