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Chevrolet bringing 25 new technologies on its 2015 launches

March 14, 2015

Tony Johnson, Marketing Manager for the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, said during the company’s press conference at the 2015 Cleveland Auto Show that Chevrolet will introduce 25 new technologies for its vehicles this year, says a report from GM Authority.

He wasn’t forthcoming on what these technologies were or which vehicles will get them. But it is for sure that the company is bringing five all-new vehicles this year: 2016 Volt, 2016 Malibu, 2016 Camaro, 2016 Spark and 2016 Cruze.

The report states that the upcoming technologies will be for enhanced safety, performance and fuel economy and introduced on the five all-new launches. The new technologies could include connectivity and comfort features too, given the fact that the Cruze being a compact sedan and the Malibu being a mid-size sedan, will have to face adverse competition from a number of rivals in the market which boast the latest tech in these areas.

The all-new Malibu and Spark will receive their premieres at the 2015 New York Auto Show (starts on Apr 1) and we shall have more information then.

Source: GM Authority

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