Chevrolet unveils performance parts for Corvette Stingray

November 3, 2015

Chevrolet along with drivers from Ron Fellows Corvette high-performance driving school have showcased the capabilities of the Corvette Stingray fitted with the new Z06-based performance parts. These parts are specifically designed for the 2014+ Stingray models including Z51-equipped cars.

They are offered as direct replacements for the Stingray’s original parts. In the words of Mark Dickens, Director, Performance Variants, Parts and Motorsports, “No one has spent more time developing Corvette performance parts than Chevrolet and this new range of components is the result of countless hours of testing that aftermarket companies can’t match.” Now we take a look at the parts in the range.

Corvette Z06 Level 3 Aero Package:

This is an upgrade for Level 2-equipped Corvette Z06 models. It adds parts from the Z07 Performance Package such as larger end plates to the front splitters and an adjustable, transparent wickerbill on the rear spoiler.

Corvette Z06 600-Watt Radiator Fan:

This 600-watt radiator cooling fan was developed for the Z06 and increases the fan speed over the Stingray’s 500-Watt system allowing greater airflow and enhanced cooling capability.

Corvette Secondary Radiator Kit:

This kit is available for manual transmission Corvettes (base Corvette Stingray, Z51 and Z06). Installation of this kit lowers engine coolant temperature by 25 degrees F along with lowering engine oil temperatures by 15 degrees F. Performance of this kit is further improved when bought in conjunction with the Z06 grille kit.

Corvette Z06 Grille Kit:

This Z06 Grille kit is a direct replacement for the Stingray grille insert and results in a 17% increase in front-end airflow, compared to the grille of the Corvette Stingray Z51.  It is designed to provide maximum airflow to the radiator, intercooler and brake cooling ducts. Additionally, the inlet ramps to the brake cooling ducts are optimized to balance the airflow demands of brake cooling and engine cooling.

Corvette Z06 Quarter Panel Vents:

These Z06 quarter panel vents are larger than the standard ones of the Corvette Stingray and offer a 25% improvement over the airflow of the Z51 at speed. There is an increased amount of airflow to the transmission oil cooler and differential cooler helping in maintaining cooling performance.

Corvette Z06 Rear Transmission Oil Cooler:

The larger Z06 rear transmission oil cooler is fitted in the same location as the base Stingray and Z51 cooler but adds extra cooling capacity. Chevrolet says that it works best when paired with the Z06 Quarter Panel Vents.

Corvette Z06 Carbon Fiber Torque Tube and Prop Shaft Kit:

The lightweight Z06 Carbon Fiber Torque Tube assembly is said to shave 15.5 lbs (7 Kg) compared to the Stingray’s steel-intensive torque tube. It also comes with higher-temperature rubber couplers in the prop shaft. The torque tube is also available separately.

Corvette Stingray Heat Shield:

This heat shield is only required for the 2014 Corvette Stingray models and come included in the 2015+ models. The larger heat shield helps protect the prop shaft from higher temperatures.

Corvette Z06 Prop Shaft Assembly with High-Temp Couplers:

These are the Z06’s high-temperature internal prop shaft rubber couplers designed for a larger heat shield. These come with the Corvette Z06 Carbon Fiber Torque Tube and Prop Shaft Kit.

Corvette Z06 Carbon Fiber Underbody Braces:

These directly replace the standard braces. The carbon fiber underbody braces are 17% lighter than the aluminum braces on the Corvette Stingray and offer better overall torsional stiffness.

Corvette Z06 Brake Kits (Iron Rotors) for Stingray with Z51:

These are only for Stingray models equipped with the Z51 package. These kits feature the Z06’s standard, two-piece slotted iron rotors for the front and rear. The front kit makes use of aluminum monoblock six-piston calipers, while the rear kit features four-piston fixed calipers. Additionally, the front calipers also feature vented pistons for improved pad and brake fluid cooling. On offer, are also differentiated piston diameters of 30mm, 34mm and 38mm (leading to trailing), for more even pad pressure for improved pad wear. These brakes will not fit in base Stingray or Z51 wheels and require a minimum of 4 mm wheel clearance between the outboard face of the caliper and the inner wheel spokes.

Corvette Stingray Z51 Brake Kit:

This is an upgrade for the standard Stingray and features slotted rotors measuring 13.6 inches (345 mm) in front and 13.3 inches (338 mm) at the rear. When coupled with the new Z06/Z51 Brake Cooling Kit, this system matches the braking performance of the factory Z51 brake system.

Corvette Z06/Z51 Front Brake Cooling Kit:

Installation of this kit results in a 16% increase in airflow over the standard Corvette Stingray. This gives the car enhanced stopping performance by reducing temperature and brake fade. Enhancements that come with the kit includes brake ducts and deflectors that channel air from the front grille through the wheel wells to cool the front brakes and expel heat. It is recommended to be used with Z51 Brake Package and the Z06 Grille Kit.

Corvette Stingray T1 Suspension:

This package improves on-track handling capabilities of the Corvette Stingray, including Z51-equipped models. It goes for a stiffer setup which consists of aggressive shocks, stiffer stabilizer bars and new lower control arms with stiffer bushings. The shocks were utilized to maintain eligibility to compete within the rules of most club racing sanctioning bodies and is currently homologated in SCCA’s Touring 1 class.


Parts aside, Chevrolet will also be showcasing a Corvette Stingray Track Day Concept at the 2015 SEMA Show. This concept is finished in Gloss Black exterior color which is contrasted by red accents on the hood vent grille, side mirrors and rear spoiler. A unique hood air extractor also lends visual distinction along with the edge-lit LED turn signals. Carbon fiber has also been used generously and is seen on the flash vents and rocker extensions, roof panel, front fascia extension and door inserts.

The interior has a black theme and gets Competition Sport seats. There are suede inserts adorning the shifter and steering wheel. A crossbar at the rear is added for mounting a five-point harness while Performance Data Recorder is present to record the car’s performance.


Performance is plenty. Resting under the hood, is a 6.2-liter LT1 V8 engine that produces 480 hp and 465 lb.-ft. (630 Nm) of torque. This unit is coupled to a 7-speed manual transmission featuring Active Rev Match.

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