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Elon Musk thinks fuel cell cars are “f***ing dumb” – Report

February 13, 2015

In an interview with CarMagazine, Elon Musk, CEO and Product Architect of Tesla Motors, has bluntly expressed his dislike for implementing fuel cell technology in cars. To quote Musk, “They’re just so f**king dumb.”

Musk does not find fuel cell vehicles as a threat to the Tesla Model S. His point of argument is that using electricity to create hydrogen from water and then hydrogen to generate electricity to power the car is just dumb. Using electricity directly makes more sense.

The CEO is surprised that even after seven years from unveiling of the Tesla Roadster there is no single electric car other than a Tesla with a 250-mile driving range out there in the market. Saying that around 70% of Model S will now be dual-motor, he revealed that the demand of Model S P85D is very high.

The next offering from the all-electric car manufacturer will be the Tesla Model X SUV. The arrival of the Model X SUV has been delayed to late summer 2015. In 2017, the Tesla Model III will arrive with a price tag half that of the Model S. The company aims at selling hundreds of thousands of the Model III . The batteries of the this electric car will be made in the Tesla Gigafactory which will open in Nevada, USA in 2016.

The company is enthusiastic on working with other renowned car manufacturers for electric vehicles also. At the end of the interview Musk says, “And there’s a good chance we’ll do something with Toyota again. They just need to get over this fuel-cell thing.”

Source: CAR Magazine

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  1. Sagar! How big is your Petrol head? Is it as big as Elon’s Volt head?

    I agree with Elon on the hydrogen fuel cell, though, some of his distaste probably is a result of Toyota focusing on the technology rather then on EV’s and involving Tesla in their EV efforts, and the resulting shifting of capital away from that effort.

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