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Australia: Ferrari 488 GTB receives overwhelming response

August 7, 2015

The Ferrari 488 GTB has received an overwhelming response by customers in Australia that has never been witnessed before, Herbert Appleroth, President and CEO; Ferrari Australasia has been quoted as saying in a report by CarAdvice.

The publication was in conversation with Mr Appleroth during the unveiling of the 488 GTB in Melbourne. He informed that in just a week since the debut of the 488 GTB in Sydney the company received “well over 100” orders and the waiting period for the same would be around 2 years. He now forecasts that the company could receive orders that could go beyond 400 units with the waiting period possibly increasing to 4 years.

He went on to add that the 458 which was launched back in 2010 has managed to sell “well over” 200 Italia coupe’s and “close to” 200 spider convertibles with the new 488 GTB set to go “well beyond” as the company is looking for the dust to settle and then assess the situation of the 488.

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Ferrari 488 GTB

He predicted that by the end of the year the company would have sold out the 488 coupe that is allocated to Australia for its entire lifecycle, but the Spider could remain as it will be arriving six months later. Australian markets have contributed to almost two to three percent of the global production for Ferrari and the 488 with the initial predictions seems to continue the trend.

The brand is also attracting “new-to-Ferrari people” he said and that has made a major difference. With the local conditions being conducive with low interest rates, and the brand investing hugely into the dealership network, it’s an ideal situation for interested buyers, he said.

[Source – CarAdvice]

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