Fiat Abarth Tipo (Egea) rendering

Fiat Abarth Tipo Coupe rendered – Will Fiat make one?

November 14, 2016

In September, Fiat introduced the Fiat Tipo, or Fiat Egea as they call it in Turkey, as the successor to the Fiat Linea. The compact car’s range will be expanded to include an estate and a 5-door hatchback next year, probably at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March.

There’s no word so far about a 2-door coupe version or an Abarth variant, but a Fiat enthusiast at forums has speculatively created a rendering of how the production-spec 2-door Fiat Abarth Tipo would look like. The rendering features a blacked-out upper grille, removal of fog lamp housing and fog lamps for air scoops, black alloy wheels, golden brake calipers and elongated doors. The chrome elements on the sides have been switched for black ones, while weirdly, the turn indicators on the front fenders have been removed to further extend the shoulder line and the door design there.

Positioned as affordable offerings in their respective segments, none of the three versions of the Fiat Tipo are likely to gain an Abarth variant. FCA CEO (for EMEA) Alfredo Altavilla told Auto Express in July that they Fiat made a mistake making the Abarth Punto because an Abarth model cannot be a family car.

“We went too far with the Punto Abarth – the Punto is a family car and the Abarth version was seen as a bit of a stretch,” Mr. Altavilla said. I stopped production of it 15 months ago because it was not targeted at the true Abarth customer – an Abarth has to be something special and a family car cannot offer this,” he added.

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[News Source – Auto Express]

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  1. Is that CEO out of his mind? The Punto Abarth was very successful and it’s a shame he bashes it like that. If he doesn’t wan’t the Abarth name specifically on a Punto, but still wants Fiat to make a new fast Punto turbo with 200 hp for example, I can understand that.

  2. Not a fan of this rendering.

  3. The Punto Arbath definitely did go too far. That was a big mistake, their typical euro consumer needs a solid family car.

  4. Wait and see if they go for the 5-door hatchback

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