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USA: First Hydrogen Fuel Station opens for business

August 11, 2015
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Linde North America Inc which is major producer of Hydrogen as transportation fuel has announced that its fuel station offering hydrogen fuel is open for business at the Ramos Oil Company station located in West Sacramento.

Consumers can now roll in their hydrogen powered cars and fill up the tanks just like other vehicles that use fuels like gasoline and diesel. The fuel station which is the first of its kind not only in the State of California but in the entire U.S, makes use of sophisticated technology in dispensing hydrogen fuel and has been approved by the relevant authorities.

This has truly been an important milestone for hydrogen fuel presented as an alternative power source for cars said Mike Beckman, Vice President of Hydrogen Fuelling-Lind North America, Inc. He went on to explain that the hydrogen dispensing fuel station is very different to regular fuel stations requiring specialised equipment and handling, and approvals from authorities didn’t come easily.

The company also mentioned that they even sought relevant approvals from at least two manufacturers who produce hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, confirming that the station adheres to the required protocols to be used for refuelling of their vehicles.

At the heart of the fuelling system that is employed by the company, is the Linde IC 90 compressor featuring next generation hydrogen compression technology which enables higher output and enhanced rate of operation.

According to estimations by OweHo over 34,000 cars that use Hydrogen as a fuel source will be in the market by 2021, which indicates that the future of fuel cell technology and Hydrogen fuel is robust.

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