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Ford F-150 pickup registers 4.8 percent sales growth

August 6, 2015

According to a report by Bloomberg Business, Ford has managed to sell 66,300 units of the all-aluminium F-150 pickup in July 2015 which is an increase of 4.8 percent when compared to last year and 11,000 units more than what the manufacturer sold in June 2015.

The recovery in sales comes after the constraints the manufacturer faced in producing the updated all-aluminium F-150 pickup. The production facility had to be re-tooled and adapted to manufacture the pickup with the same pace as earlier but it took more time than planned.

The report also goes on to suggest that with the production slowed down at the factory, the market also was initially reluctant to accept the aluminium pickup with potential customers moving away to other brands or postponing their purchase decision until they were convinced about the performance of the pickup.

Some dealers were also offering discounts up to $10,000 while some of the customers that were eager to buy the pickup had to contend with a long waiting period. But the July sales figures however indicate that the F-150 is headed onto a path of recovery with the sales improving.

Mark LaNeve, Vice President, Ford Motor Company in an interview to the publication stated that the manufacturer has finally found momentum with production as well as sales. He also went on to say that the workers at the plant have managed to squeeze out additional units when required.

[Source – BloombergBusiness]

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