2015 Ford Focus RS front

2016 Ford Focus RS may dish out 330-340 bhp at launch

March 13, 2015

The third-generation Ford Focus RS which made its official debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show is powered by a 2.3-litre EcoBoost petrol engine that produces more than 315 hp. The engine is coupled to a 6-speed manual gearbox.

A new report from Car Magazine suggests that the power output will be bumped up to much higher than what the company hinted. The Honda Civic Type R, the Focus RS’s close rival, is powered by a 2.0-litre VTEC turbo engine that produces 306 hp and 400 Nm of torque. Ford is waiting patiently to see how much power Honda finally offers on its new hot hatch, as per the report. Before its market launch, power output of the Focus RS will be increased to somewhere between 330 bhp and 340 bhp, as per the report.

Developed by the Ford Performance Team, the performance-spec Focus features innovative Ford Performance All-Wheel Drive system which is based on twin electronically controlled clutch packs on each side of the rear-drive unit. The clutch packs manage the car’s front/rear torque split, and control side-to-side torque distribution on the rear axle. The front/rear and side-to-side torque distribution changes continuously via the control unit in the rear-drive unit. The distribution varies as per inputs obtained from multiple vehicle sensors which refresh data 100 times a second.

Up to 70% of the torque can be sent to the rear axle, and 100% of this torque can be diverted to either of rear wheels. To prevent understeer, the rear-drive unit automatically sends all the needed torque to the outer rear wheel based on conditions such as steering wheel angle, lateral acceleration, yaw and speed.

[Source: Car Magazine]

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