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France: Citroen updates its Carstore website with a new feature

October 16, 2015

Citroen maintains a car-search website called Carstore that offers visitors the chance to examine new vehicles, and then compare them with other stock vehicles located across the Citroen dealer network. The user would then select the vehicle that matched his criteria the best and then contact the respective dealership.

The company has now updated its website with a new feature that allows customer to not only do all the above but also reserve the car, following which, the car will be removed from the cars available list. This is done by clicking on the button saying “Reserve this car”. This action would lead to a page that asks the user to specify whether there’s a trade-in involved. After filling the required information, the vehicle can be reserved after depositing €250.

After the payment has cleared, the customer will immediately receive an email confirmation which will state that the car has been reserved for three days. Later, the dealership will get in touch with the customer to fix an appointment.

This update is part of Citroen’s digital strategy that is aimed at offering the customer with a solution that closely matches his/her needs; the customer can choose from any of the 15,000 vehicles that are listed on the site.

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