Toyota Mirai Germany delivery (2)

Germany: First Toyota Mirai delivered to its customer

March 11, 2017

The first Toyota Mirai in Germany has been delivered to its customer. The first unit of the FCV was bought by Mr. Nikolaus W. Schüeschairman, the chairman of the “Hamburg Hydrogen Society”, an organisation that has been promoting hydrogen technology for over 27 years.

Germany has now become the third market in Europe after the UK and Denmark where the company has started delivering the Mirai. Mr Schües was given the keys to his new car by Masahisa Nagata, Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Toyota Motor Europe.

Toyota Mirai Germany delivery (1)

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are not new to Hamburg. The city boasts the world’s largest fuel cell bus fleet and already has four H2 fuelling stations. There are also plans to expand the hydrogen infrastructure with a fifth H2 station expected to be functional by Q1 2016.

The Toyota Mirai is the first mass-market hydrogen FCV to be offered for sale. It has a range of 300 miles (483 km) and a refuelling time of around 3-5 minutes. The Mirai generates electricity by combining oxygen and hydrogen in the fuel cell stack which has a power output rating of 153 hp (114 kW). Motive power is provided by an AC synchronous motor that produces 151 hp (113 kW) and 247 lb.-ft. (335 Nm) of torque. This car is not about performance but just for numbers sake, 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) comes up in 9 seconds flat and the top speed is 111 mph (179 km/h).

Sharing his thoughts on the purchase Mr Schües said: “Fuel cell vehicles are the future: they are free of harmful exhausts and convenient for everyday use, providing ranges of 500 kilometres and more as opposed to pure electric cars. When Toyota introduced the Mirai, I did not think twice – this is the car of the future.”

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