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Hyundai mulling a Genesis-based crossover

June 9, 2015

The Hyundai Genesis-based crossover has been in the rumor mill for a while. Now a new report from Reuters indicates that there is some truth to these rumours. As per the report, the company is considering to introduce a flagship SUV that will be larger than the Santa Fe and based on the Genesis flagship.

Like the Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept, this one is also based on the shift in market demand. According to IHS Automotive, 21.4% of Hyundai vehicles sold in the U.S. last year were from CUV/SUV segment – a segment which enjoyed 33.9% market share in the same year.

Citing undisclosed sources, the report says that an internal proposal to develop a Genesis-based SUV was made last year with the aim to uplift the brand image to premium standards. The company is considering to develop premium, large SUVs to respond to the changing market demand, although are not being confident about the move.

[Source: Reuters]

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