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Change of name to Hyundai Tucson won’t affect SUV’s perception, feels Hyundai

August 2, 2015

Hyundai Motor Australia is convinced that changing the name of its new crossover from ix35 back to the Tucson will have no negative impact on marketing and sales.

Speaking to CarAdvice at the launch of the Tucson, John Elsworth, chief operating officer, Hyundai Motor Company Australia, said that internal research by the company showed that the model name is not important for the customer.

“We have done a lot of product clinics but the first thing people will look at is the car, and whether the car is the right thing for them and then ‘what is it? Oh it’s a Tucson, ok so what?” Mr Elsworth said. The issue from the sales and marketing standpoint will be creating awareness for the new name, which will be just a marketing problem to solve; the name itself doesn’t hold much value, he added.

Mr Elsworth admitted that the Tucson brand name which was offered in Australia from 2004 to 2010 in a previous generation enjoys little brand recognition. He went on to add that the launch of the new Tucson will not need a larger budget for marketing, as they would have spent the same amount had it still been called the ix35.

The outgoing Hyundai ix35 was at the second spot of the top selling SUV’s in Australia, only behind the Mazda’s CX-5, making the name change a risky option. As it’s been a global decision, Hyundai Australia would just have to follow it and march on, he added.

[Source – CarAdvice]

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