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Japan: Nissan Juke NISMO RS announced

November 12, 2014

Nissan has introduced a new variant for the Juke – the Nismo RS – in Japan. The new variant is modified by Nissan’s in-house tuning brand NISMO and will go on sale nationwide on November 26.

The NISMO RS variant sports a MR16DDT direct injection, turbocharged engine that churns out 214 PS power and 250 Nm of torque. The performance-spec Juke is available with the 8-speed Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission. The model is priced at 3,434,400 yen.

More information about the new Juke NISMO RS is available in the press release below.

Add the NISMO RS to “Juke”
— ‘Juke’ vertex, delivers class-leading performance –- (Translated from Japanese)

Nissan Juke NISMO RS front three quarters left

Adds new grade NISMO RS ‘Juke’ 11, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Nishi-Ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Carlos Ghosn), 26 released into nationwide announced.

NISMO brand lineup shows spread to the SUV and sports car March NISMO, notes NISMO, “fairlady Z NISMO’, and NISSAN gt-r NISMO, the compact car.

This time, more performance in July of this year the minor ‘Juke’ customers to seek adds new grades towards the heights of the lineup of “Juke” NISMO RS, released. NISMO RS’s class in the higher engine output from the traditional ‘Juke NISMO”* 1Mass production car tuned NISMO only realized the top-level output, as well-only tuning for improved braking performance, improved body stiffness, suspension and electric-p power ring, as well as high performance buck sheet stiffness and hold with RECARO sports seats in also.

NISMO RS features are as follows.

1 high-performance boasts a class-leading horsepower and torque
Ropelescherkeld EGR on base cars of NISMO RS 16 GT FOUR* 2The NISMO RS only improved the maximum output of further improvements of the ECU settings with NISMO RS, whereas with improved fuel efficiency by adopting 1.6-litre direct injection turbo engine and did. And improve the durability of the connecting rod bearings, last strong torque at high rpm. To this, 8 has achieved suitable for fast manual mode with Xtronic CVT with paddle shifters to combine the heights of “Juke” driving pleasure.

Nissan Juke NISMO RS dashboard

○ dedicated braking system improved brake feel and fade resistance performance
And larger diameter front brake rotors, adopted a ventilated discs at the rear. Performance of the caliper and brake pad fade-resistant and also improved. This achieves high level brake feel of sport driving. Giving the red color symbolizes the caliper NISMO RS, we will evoke the joy of our own NISMO RS.

1 NISMO RS high output, than ran along the driver’s intention
By achieved even lightweight shape optimization and size up to 18 inches from the base car’s 17-inch aluminum wheels, Springs reduce the unsprung weight. Exercise performance and ride quality to achieve both. Underbody NISMO RS output for improved driving characteristics to match the suspension tuning and enjoy on the broader scene. Also, due to increased engine output torque vector features ALL MODE 4X4-i and optimal allocation of torque was increased for the NISMO RS, as driver’s cornering performance. In the goodness of the traditional “Juke” the winding road and at high speeds by vehicle speed-sensitive electric steering tuning firm achieves both think. These exclusive tuning achieves sporty piloting sense unique to NISMO RS.

1 effective body stiffness thought up not only with finished car manufacturers factory turn mass balance
By creating a strong body unleashes the potential of the engine, brakes, tires, suspension. And add a reinforced body parts in body Assembly phase in the Nissan oppama plant, increased body torsional stiffness. This precise and quick Steering response and firm texture of high ride comfort both in higher dimensions.

1 conduct a great aerotune by the air force’s latest
Received feedback from typical NISMO racing activities, adopt a more aerodynamic design. By improving downforce without control and air flow at high speed, air resistance (Cd value) to sacrifice the enhanced peace of mind when driving with a posture of the vehicle. To optimize downforce in the winding road and during adverse weather conditions the tire grip is improved.

Nissan Juke NISMO RS seats

1 realized could concentrate on sport driving special NISMO tuning RECARO sports seats
Due to higher output of vehicles, body strengthening and brake enhancements and improved sheet performance, Nissan and RECARO developed by NISMO tuning made RECARO sport seat has been adopted. RECARO seats boasts high level sheet stiffness and hold in the shell structure has undergone a special NISMO tuning based on.
[National retail price (tax included): (Unit: yen)

Drive Engine Grade Mission Suggested retail price
The NISMO RS private tune.
NISMO RS CVT-M8 of Xtronic
( 8-speed manual mode with continuously variable transmissions )
3,434, 400

☆ pictures posted on cars
CVT-M8 of Xtronic ( 8-speed manual mode with continuously variable transmissions )

NISMO RS vehicle outline

Main special features

1 create the ultimate performance Powertrain

  • Improve engine performance
    157 kW (214 PS) ← 140 kW (190 PS)
    Torque 250 N-m(25.5kgf & m ) ← 240 N, m(24.5kgf and m )
  • Transmission
    Xtronic CVT-M8 ← CVT-M7 of Xtronic

1 stylish exterior and NISMO understood at a glance utilizing aerodynamic designs and NISMO Red

  • Front combination lamp
  • Hyper day light (car lights tied)
  • 225 / 45R18 tires & NISMO dedicated 18-inch aluminum wheels (18 x 7 J)
  • Special NISMO front Grill
  • Special NISMO front bumper
  • NISMO-only rear bumper
  • NISMO-only side sill protectors
  • NISMO-fender
  • Roof spoiler special NISMO (with a high-mounted stop lamp)
  • Special NISMO exhaust finisher
  • NISMO RS en suspension
  • NISMO RS dedicated front brake rotors
  • NISMO RS en riyabenchratted disc brake
  • NISMO RS private red painted brake calipers
  • With side turn lamp electric storage type colored door mirrors ( automatic storage with door interlocking, NISMO Red )
  • Xenon head lamps ( low-beam/autrevelizer with the projector type )
  • NISMO RS private emblem (front grille & backdoor)
  • Body color is a brilliant white Pearl (3 P), brilliant silver ( M ), 3 color super black
    * Will not fit front fog lamp

○ Interior NISMO spirits

  • NISMO only leather and Alcantara ®*3 volume 3 book red center mark and Red stitch steering spoke.
  • Special NISMO tachometer ( nismo logo, red letter Edition )
  • NISMO RS private speedometer ( RS logo, 240 km/h scale )
  • Push engine starter-NISMO red ring of
  • NISMO only finisher Center cluster, air conditioning vents, meters around, shift knob, shifting around, power window, and intelligent control display dial switch
  • Metal-style paddle shifters
  • Front center console metal tone
  • Special NISMO tuning made RECARO sport seats (with nismo logo)
  • Roof trim (black)
  • S Pack ( SRS side air bag system SRS curtain airbag system (driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat), the later seat assist grip
    (Left and right) )
  • Interior colors set black [X] (NISMO only) only.
    * Not seated a passenger’s seat seatback pocket

1 maker options

  • Around view monitor ( MOD [moving object detection] function ) & display with auto-dimming type rearview mirror
    * Neater mirror will disengaged if fitted around view monitor.

* 1:01’s L gasoline Turbo cars.
* After cooling 2 ropelescherkeld EGR: exhaust manifold catalyst after a clean exhaust gas recirculate turbocharged front world firsts EGR system.
* 3: Alcantara ® is the is a registered trademark of Alcantara’s Alcantara suede artificial leather.

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