Toyota Harrier Elegance G's front three quarters right

Japan: Toyota Harrier G Sports and Prius Alpha G Sports unveiled

December 25, 2014

Toyota has unveiled the Toyota Harrier G Sports and the Prius Alpha G Sports ahead of their 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon debut. The G Sports (G’s) models are tuned from the standard models by the test drivers of GAZOO Racing.

The Harrier Elegance G’s will have a tuned suspension which lowers its ride height by 35 mm. Other performance and styling features include reinforced body frame, G’s tuned front brake calipers and brake pads, G’s front bumper, G’s upper grille, and G’s radiator grille. Interior features include G’s instrument panel, dark chrome centre cluster panel and sports seats.

Toyota Prius Alpha G's front three quarters right

The Prius Alpha S Touring Selection G’s will also have a tuned suspension, which will drop its ride height by 15 mm. Other exterior features include reinforced underbody, new wide and low front bumper with fog light bezel and LED light on the edge, and a dark chrome radiator grille. Interior will have piano black and chrome colour coated elements and sports seats.

More information is available in the press release below.

Set TOYOTA, Harrier, the “G’s” in Prius α – Press Release (Translated)

Toyota Harrier Elegance G's rear three quarters right

TOYOTA, the Harrier, Prius α in, “G SPORTS (aka: G’s)” to set the, Harrier ELEGANCE “G’s” in the January 30, 2015 throughout the country of Toyopet store, Prius alpha S “touring selection · G’s” will go on sale nationwide Toyota store, Toyopet store, Toyota Corolla shop, to February 23, 2015 through the Nets shop.

Toyota Prius Alpha G's left side

“G’s” and, in order to provide a “taste of running,” “fun car” in a wider range of customers, GAZOO Racing test driver is subjected to total tuning, to realize the “Ayatsureru at will” handling performance with, due to inlining of the bodywork process, is a sports conversion car series that achieves the affordable pricing.

Harrier ELEGANCE “G’s”
In addition to the dedicated sports suspension that the overall height was about 35mm down, other improvement of body stiffness due to additional floor rigidity parts and spot welding point, is adopted G’s dedicated caliper (front) and high μ (μ) pad to brake The thing, to improve the braking force, to achieve a run with a sense of security in the sporty to.

Toyota Harrier Elegance G's interior

In the exterior, it is possible to adopt G’s dedicated front bumper and upper grill, such as radiator grille, and grant a sporty impression. In the interior, G’s adopted a dedicated sporty sheet (G’s emblem + Silver double-stitched) to the front, to the instrument panel and center cluster panel, such as performing a dark-plated tone paint decorative, you are creating a high-quality interior space.

Toyota Harrier Elegance G's front seats

As a result, the Harrier ELEGANCE “G’s” The Harrier own luxury and sophisticated design, is an attractive car that granted the “joy of driving” feel the joy that manipulate yet SUV.

Prius alpha S “touring selection · G’s”
G’s employs a dedicated sports suspension, in addition to the overall height was about 15mm down, by the installation of underfloor rigidity and aerodynamic parts, to realize the running for both the sense of quality and sportiness, while maintaining the original environmental performance.

Toyota Prius Alpha G's interior

Exterior The By adopting the dedicated front bumper and black emphasized wide and low arrange large Fogubezeru side tones such as radiator grille subjected to dark plating, was expressed luxury. In the interior, seat upholstery is in addition to adopting the G’s dedicated sporty seat (front) of suede + synthetic leather, lame piano black to unified interior paint or plating decorative black, such as placing a silver stitch, sense of quality I have granted.

Toyota Prius Alpha G's front seats

It should be noted that the Harrier ELEGANCE “G’s” and Prius alpha S “touring selection · G’s”, the three days of the January 9, 2015 (gold) from the 11th (Sun) * 1 , held at Makuhari Messe TOKYO AUTO SALON 2015 with I’m planning to exhibit at NAPAC (Tokyo Auto Salon 2015).

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