Japan: Toyota updates the Prius Alpha

November 17, 2014

Toyota has released a new version of the Toyota Prius Alpha giving it minor changes and improvements. The updated Prius Alpha features new Lane Departure Alert system (LDA), Bi-Beam LED headlamps with auto-leveling function, and automatic high beam (AHB). The multi-information display is standard and now has improved texture and visibility.

Toyota Prius Alpha Bi Beam headlamp

There are four new exterior colours offered: Attitude Black Mica, Dark Sherry Mica Metallic, Orange Metallic, and Super Red V). Prices start at ¥2,479,091.

More information is available in Toyota’s press release below.

TOYOTA, the Prius α and minor changes – Press Release (Translated from Japanese)

TOYOTA is to minor changes the Prius α, nationwide Toyota store, Toyopet store, Toyota Corolla shop, through the Nets shop, was released on November 17.

Toyota Prius Alpha interior

In this minor change, in order to better emphasize the individuality and innovation that Prius α is engender, and change of shape design, the texture improvement of interior and implementation. In addition, newly set lanes Departure Alert (LDA) * 1, automatic high beam (AHB) * 1 In addition, I will adopt the world’s first * 2 of Bi-Beam (Baibimu) LED headlamps (with auto-leveling function) * 3 such as, I have to enrich the advanced equipment.

Toyota Prius Alpha cabin

Specifically, in the exterior, dark gray metallic under grille that emphasizes the opening, LED clearance lamps, produce a unique and fearless look. In addition, the rear combination lamp that employs a red inner lens has granted the sense of quality. The outer plate color, new colors 4 colors (attitude black mica, dark sherry mica metallic, orange metallic, super red V), including, you set all 9 colors.

Toyota Prius Alpha interior black

In the interior, in addition to piano black paint of the center cluster using a geometric pattern, seat upholstery * 3 using the synthetic leather and fabric, and adopted the armrest of synthetic leather, produce a sense of quality. Furthermore, the multi-information display (4.2 inches TFT * 4 color), and standard, and is more improved texture with visibility. The interior color, I have set the two colors of black and Gureju in each of the room color and seat upholstery.

For advanced equipment, Lane Departure alert to detect and alert the deviation of lane, plus the high beam and low beam in automatic high beam is switched on automatically when driving at night, radar cruise control (with brake control) * 1, the maximum 60km / h * 5 I option sets the safety equipment that was to set the pre-crash safety system (millimeter wave radar system) * 1 with such pre-crash brake (automatic brake * 7) to pre-crash brake assist and up to 30km / h * 6 deceleration to decelerate such as, the consideration to more safety. In addition, it employs a low beam and high beam switchable Bi-Beam LED headlamp with one lamp of a light source, in addition to stressed the innovation, thus contributing to power saving.

Toyota Prius Alpha cabin

In addition, monthly sales target number is 4,800 units, over-the-counter recital is November 22 (Sat) 23 (Sunday), is expected to be the 24th (Mon).

In addition, for the well cab (manufacturer completion specially equipped vehicles), it is subjected to a base car similar improvement.
* 1 Automatic high beam, Lane Departure alert, pre-crash safety system and radar cruise control, package options to “G”, G “Touring Selection”
* 2 November 2014 now. Toyota Motor examined
* 3 Set in some grade
* 4 TFT (thin film transistor) : Thin Film Transistor
* 5 Preceding vehicle 20km / h, when traveling in the vehicle 80km / h
* 6 Preceding vehicle 20km / h, the running of the case in the vehicle 50km / h, 30km / h about deceleration
* 7 The ability to decelerate automatically even if you did not step on the brake. Etc. Depending on the weather and road environment, it may not operate effectively

manufacturer’s suggested retail price (Hokkaido, a different look at the price of Okinawa unit:. Circle)
Constant members (people) Hybrid system Drive Price * 1
(Consumption tax)
“L selection” Five With a reduction mechanism THSⅡ 2WD (FF) 2,479,091
S Five 2,622,437
Seven 2,828,618
“Touring Selection” Five 2,931,709
Seven 3,136,909
G Five 2,972,945
Seven 3,178,145
“Touring Selection” Five 3,178,145
Seven 3,384,327
◎: publication photograph (excluding options)
Welcab manufacturer’s suggested retail price
(Hokkaido, a different look at the price of Okinawa unit:. Circle)
Base grade Capacity (human) Hybrid system Drive Price * 1
(Consumption tax exempt)
Passenger seat lift-up seat car “A type” S Five With a reduction mechanism THSⅡ 2WD (FF) 2,712,000
Seven 2,903,000
“Touring Selection” Five 2,998,000
Seven 3,188,000
Passenger seat lift-up seat car “B type” S Five 2,785,000
Seven 2,976,000
“Touring Selection” Five 3,071,000
Seven 3,261,000
Friend matic mounting private car “type Ⅰ” S Five 2,667,600 * 2
Seven 2,873,782 * 2
“Touring Selection” Five 2,976,873 * 2
Seven 3,182,073 * 2
Friend matic mounting private car “type Ⅱ” S Five 2,811,000
Seven 3,002,000
“Touring Selection” Five 3,097,000
Seven 3,287,000


* 1 Do not include recycling fees in price
* 2 Friend matic mounting private car “type Ⅰ” is, consumption tax vehicle at the time of purchase if you have installed the specified operating auxiliary equipment only, consumption tax exempt

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