2014 Range Rover Sport vs. 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep confirms a Range Rover-rivaling SUV above Grand Wagoneer

May 15, 2015

While a previous report in March this year suggested that the forthcoming Jeep Grand Wagoneer will be the ultimate luxury Jeep, a new report from Bloomberg indicates that Jeep’s Range Rover challenger will be a different one, positioned above the Grand Wagoneer. The Grand Wagoneer was discontinued in 1991 but came back to the company’s drawing board last year when it announced its five-year plan.

The new report says that FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne mentioned the new, unannounced luxury SUV while inaugurating an Alfa Romeo and Maserati dealership near Toronto last week. The new dealership stated in the report is the Maserati Alfa Romeo of Oakville that is the first of its kind in the country, selling cars from both the brands under one roof.

The CEO expressed how strongly he feels that Jeep should make an SUV like the Range Rover, and said it will. The Grand Wagoneer will be launched in 2018 and so, the now-known, new range-topping luxury SUV cannot be expected anytime sooner than 2019. Mr. Marchionne declined to provide any information about the vehicle but said that the company didn’t mention it in the five-year plan announced last year because it didn’t wanted to reveal anything on the vehicle prematurely.

The ultimate Jeep will be made keeping in mind Europe and other global markets, and its design, styling, comfort and other aspects are expected to be very different from the current vehicle.

[News Source: Bloomberg]

[Image Source: SpeedList Blog]

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