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Range Rover challenger Jeep Grand Wagoneer arrives globally in 2018

March 14, 2015

A new report from AutoExpress claims that the Jeep Grand Wagoneer which was discontinued in 1991 will make a comeback in late 2018. The Range Rover challenger will be a full-size luxury SUV and sold outside the U.S. too. Michael Manley, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jeep, confirmed to AutoExpress that the luxury SUV will be sold in Europe.

Details like whether there will be a right-hand drive version, the engine line-up and the price bracket are yet to be decided, adds the report. A right-hand drive version does make sense though, considering the company’s presence in global (right-hand drive) markets like the UK, Japan, Australia and South Africa, where its sales are rising.

The reason why the company is planning to re-launch the Grand Wagoneer is that it has seen that the brand can operate in US$ 45,000-plus market in North America but has only model in the US $60,000-plus market: the Grand Cherokee SRT, reveals the report.

Majority of the production for the domestic and global demand of the SUV would be from the U.S. but the company could consider manufacturing additionally in China for satisfying Asia-Pacific demand. China is also an important market for the company; annual sales here rose 49% in 2014, and Chinese-production of Jeep vehicles is set to kick off by the end of 2015.

[Source: AutoExpress via CarScoops]

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