Fleet of Kia Soul EV used to develop wireless charging

Kia using Soul EV to develop wireless charging tech for EVs

August 27, 2015

Kia is using a fleet of Kia Soul EV’s to develop a wireless charging system for its electric vehicles. This technology is aimed to develop a wireless charging system with an improved charging time, as well as the added convenience in charging the electric vehicles. The technology is capable of transferring high power without the need for precise adjustment between the vehicle and the charger.

The new technology is jointly being developed by Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center Inc (HATCI) and Mojo Motability Inc, a wireless power technology company. Kia also informs that the funding grant for the development of the technology has been provided by the U.S Department of Energy (DOE).

The development of wireless charging technology could significantly increase the convenience for the owners of electric vehicles enhancing the appeal of battery powered vehicles to a wider audience. The development of the technology could also result in a smaller battery pack reducing the overall weight of the vehicle.

Dr. Sung Hwan Cho, President, HATCI said that the technical centre is privileged to be chosen as a partner with the Department of Energy. He also mentioned that pioneering technologies such as this support the company’s core goals to create an experience which will make ownership of electric vehicles easy for the consumer.

Kia says that the project has already undergone multiple stages of development, leading to the final phase. The final phase will employ the Soul EV for real-world testing of performance, safety and durability of the technology. The company hasn’t provided a timeline for the launch of this technology though.

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