Kia Sportage at Slovakia facility

Kia’s Motors Slovkia makes new European production record in 2014

January 16, 2015

Kia’s European manufacturing facility in Zilina, Slovakia has made a new annual production record of producing more than 323,000 cars, a 3% increase over 2013. The production facility made another new record by producing 493,000 engines in the year.

The biggest markets where the cars made in this plant were exported were Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain. 55% of the total vehicle output consisted of the Kia Sportage compact SUV. Of the 493,000 engines produced in the year, almost half were delivered to Hyundai’s Czech Republic facility. Over 50% of the total engines produced were petrol engines.

More information is available in the press release below.


  • Kia’s European manufacturing facility in Slovakia recorded three per cent increase in car production output last year
  • Žilina plant produced more than 323,000 cars and 493,000 engines in 2014

Kia Žilina production facility

Kia Motors Slovakia broke its European production record in 2014, producing more than 323,000 cars – a three per cent increase over 2013 – at its Žilina production facility. A small increase in engine production to 493,000 units also represented a new record.

The most popular model to roll off the production line was the Kia Sportage compact SUV, which represented 55 per cent of the total vehicle output from the plant. The cee’d model family – incorporating hatchback, sportswagon and three-door pro_cee’d – accounted for 36 per cent of output and the Kia Venga made up the remaining nine per cent.

The biggest markets for the Žilina plant’s vehicle output remained Russia (18 per cent), United Kingdom (13 per cent), Germany (nine per cent), Italy (six per cent) and Spain (six per cent).

Of the 493,000 engines produced at the plant in 2014, almost half were delivered to Hyundai’s facility in the Czech Republic. The 1.6-litre petrol power unit made up 22 per cent of engine output, and petrol engines constituted over 50 per cent of total engine production at the Žilina facility last year.

“I am very proud we accomplished such amazing production results last year. At the same time, we were able to confirm our position as a leading manufacturing plant in the whole Hyundai Motor Group. I would like to sincerely thank all of our employees for their creativity and huge enthusiasm for work. I believe that this year, thanks to the new models that we will introduce to our customers, we will again be able to fully use our production capacity “said Eek-Hee Lee, President and CEO of Kia Motors Slovakia.

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