Lamborghini Asterion concept front three quarters right

Lamborghini is exploring elegant design language for future cars

February 12, 2015

In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Lamborghini design boss Filippo Perini explained the story behind the designing of the Lamborghini Asterion concept.

He said the company wants to explore a new kind of design language, which it hasn’t stepped foot on for long time. The Italian sportscar maker is exploring design language that is less extreme and more elegant, like the Lamborghini Miura.

Lamborghini Asterion concept door

The team working on the Lamborghini Asterion concept had a challenge of making the company’s first plug-in hybrid car. Perini says that the the Asterion concept had to be designed in a classic way, inspired by the Miura.

Although the concept features a very modern design, it is completely different from the Aventador, Huracan or the Egoista. The design of Asterion concept skips the typical ‘extremeness’ of recent Lamborghini vehicles. The design of this concept pays homage to the early GT-style vehicles seen in the 20th century.

Lamborghini Asterion concept rear

The rear end is reminiscent of the Miura in terms of both proportion and styling. The concept has a character of a futuristic luxury car but with a traditional appeal. For instance, the interior is similar to the recently launched Lamborghini Huracan but the three-spoke steering wheel is inspired from that of the Miura.

Lamborghini Asterion concept interior

The Lamborghini Asterion’s unconventional design language is not a sign of radical design shift though. The sportscar maker will continue production of very extreme supercars just like they do. The main goal that lies behind the creation of the Asterion concept is to know if such a design language which is more elegant rather than extreme, will be considered to be favourable & liked by its customers.

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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  1. It’s about time VW moves on to something new. With Lambo its been variations of the same old thing ever since they owned the brand.

  2. Design Editor Robert Cumberford of a different US publication, just blasted Honda/Acura for the new NSX front facia. It is repleat with the large left and right side, front bumper air vents. I’m guessing Honda got ahead of the design game by observing the world competition. I do believe that new design language is elegant and fluidly organic to behold, but those mega-vents are weird. I hope they don’t install the goofy LEDs across the front end, it cheapens the exotic looks as much as on so many other vehicles. The dash looks good, yet seems a little empty to the right off center. I think an Acacia wood (dramatic finishes) trim across the the top edge of the gray vents and dash center line and a couple top forward edge, wood trim pieces for continuity and transition. It does have a very lovely butt, which integrates well with its overall design.

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