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Lamborghini Urus may sport a turbocharged engine

March 3, 2017

Lamborghini is not a company that likes to put turbocharged engines in its cars, but its forthcoming performance crossover may require it to oversee the dislike. With CO2 emissions being a major issue when it comes to heavy crossovers/SUVs, the exotic brand may have to eventually embrace turbocharging. The European Union’ average emissions target to be achieved by 2021 forms another reason to compel usage of the technology.

Lamborghini Urus concept front three quarters

Due to the significant weight of batteries and the cost, hybrid powertrains are currently out of question. To keep the CO2 emissions in check and offer greater fuel economy, cylinder deactivation and auto start-stop technologies are offered currently. But for the Lamborghini Urus, more measures will be needed.

In a conversation with Road & Track, Lamborghini CEO Stefan Winkelman said that “the SUV could certainly be one of the opportunities to have a turbocharged engine.” Mr. Winkelmann also said that the crossover will be mainly driven on-road, but it will have a balance for making it drivable on steep inclines and for light off-roading.

Lambirghini Urus concept rear three quarters left

The Lamborghini Urus’ production will commence in 2018 but its design has already been finalised, as per a report. It should attract many first-time Lamborghini buyers. The company will distribute production volumes among three regions – Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), the Americas and Asia-Pacific. Primary target markets of the Urus will be USA, China, the Middle East, the UK, Germany and Russia. The Italian automaker plans to make around 3,000 units of the performance crossover annually.

[Source: Road & Track]

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