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Lexus is not interested in plug-in hybrids

April 20, 2015

While other luxury automakers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz are announcing strategies to introduce more plug-in hybrids, Lexus does not want to focus on plug-in hybrids at all. A latest report from Green Car Reports suggests that company does not find developing and introducing plug-in hybrid models worth as they are not eco-friendly enough. According to the report, Mark Templin, VP & GM of the company, says that plug-in hybrids are more of a regulatory loophole than the means of making the product line-up greener.

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Mr. Templin rightly points out that plug-in hybrid technology adds significant weight to the vehicle and reduces fuel-efficiency when using the conventional engine. He further adds that unless the driver plugs it in a power outlet and then uses the car on electric mode, the electricity indirectly comes from a coal-fire plant. He argues further that people buy PHEVs generally for tax benefit or carpool lane benefit, and then never charge the car via a power outlet; resultantly, the PHEV does not emit as less CO2 as it actually could, due to the additional weight.

Mr. Templin finds the Mirai more of a successful eco-friendly car, due to both – the car’s technology and the progress in establishing a hydrogen infrastructure in Japan, the east and west coasts of the U.S., and in a few European countries. He thinks that fuel-cell technology has a better future than pure electric vehicles. As of now, the company will move ahead with its Hybrid models, but if need arises for even more eco-friendly models in the future, the company is suggestively going to look at alternatives other than plug-in hybrid technology.

[Source: Green Car Reports]

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