Lincoln Continental Concept 30-way seats

Lincoln Continental Concept 30-way adjustable seat detailed [Video]

August 15, 2015

The Lincoln Motor Company has released details of the 30-way adjustable seats seen in the Lincoln Continental Concept that was revealed at the 2015 New York International Motor Show. The company claims that the seat has been designed to offer unmatched adjustability allowing the occupants to personalize their experience.

It is said that the design of the seat goes ahead of the ‘one size fits all’ theme that has been seen in current vehicles, with the seat being able to adjust and support the body in ways that was previously not possible.

The seat features the use of Venetian Leather and it employs a patented flexible suspension system that is made of plastic and a thin layer of foam that wraps around the body of the occupant helping relive stress on the shoulders and neck. The video uploaded by YouTube user MOTOR1 shows the seat in greater detail.

The company claims that it studied the design of the seats in first class cabins and private airplanes for possible applications as the private airline sector caters to no-compromise clients, and the seat too was designed with this perspective the company goes on to add.

The lower body and legs will be supported by two extending cushions that will be independently adjustable with it having upward and downward movement capability. The seats will feature added comfort with the incorporation of massage functions in the back and cushions. The rolling pattern massage will help alleviate fatigue along with vents for heated or cooled air flow, says Lincoln.

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