2015 Lincoln Continental concept

Lincoln Continental Concept revealed

March 31, 2015

Lincoln has revealed the Lincoln Continental Concept ahead of the 2015 New York International Auto Show next month. The concept will spawn the brand’s all-new full-size luxury sedan in 2016. The concept car is powered by an “exclusive” 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 petrol engine. The exterior and the interior are completely reimagined and will seemingly take the brand’s luxury car positioning to a whole new level.

The concept car hints that the next-generation vehicles by the luxury automaker will not have the split-wing front grille.

2015 Lincoln Continental concept front three quarters right studio image

Starting at the front, there’s a newly designed, centered front grille which features repeating polished aluminum Lincoln Star emblems and a raised Lincoln badge in the middle, all in chrome. The headlamps, front air vents, air dam grille and front bumper are designed to complement the headlamps which feature new LED matrix lights and laser-assist anti-glare high beams. A chrome layering starts from the front bumper and follows through the sides of the car to the rear bumper.

2015 Lincoln Continental concept right side

The bow-shaped side profile is also totally new, and gives an even more premium feel. Other features on the side include sleek mirrors with integrated LED turn indicators, chrome surroundings on the exterior of the window panels, gloss black B-pillar, chrome fender badge with “CONTINENTAL” lettering and polished-aluminum, painted-pocket 21-inch wheels. The doors open with a touch of a button positioned on the underside of the door handle.

2015 Lincoln Continental concept rear

The rear features “LINCOLN” lettering across the boot-lid, bold-new aggressive, rectangular-shaped, horizontally-positioned full-width tail lamps and dual-exhaust pipes on each side fitted inside the rear bumper.

2015 Lincoln Continental concept dashboard

Interior is embellished with ambient lighting technology that uses soft-gold LED lights, Alcantara seat inserts and armrests, satin headliner, shearling wool carpet, Rose Gold trim on the instrument cluster and chrome trim on the instrument panel. Other noteworthy interior features include 30-way adjustable seats, Revel Ultima audio system, SPD SmartGlass tinted-sunroof, tablet-supporting lap trays that deploy from the through-center console for rear-seat passengers and a champagne storage compartment.

2015 Lincoln Continental concept rear seats

The Lincoln Continental Concept will be on display at the 2015 New York International Auto Show which opens from April 1.

Lincoln Continental Concept – Image Gallery

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  1. I like this Lincoln concept. I think presently they have nothing definitive in the range and I think that reflects in their sales woes. They need cars with strong design and definitive qualities and this concept has those elements. The headlamps make me see Audi, and the grill opening makes me see a cross between Jaguar and Bently. It’s all good though because it looks strong and serious without being tacky and pretentious. I think that avoiding tacky and pretentious is one of the challenges of designing a luxury car.

  2. Now they are on to an attractive, classy design language. This looks build-able and they should build it as is, or as close as possible. Wheels are to busy, and the headlight field development is a little busy, but other wise spot on. The side profile ties the front facade with the clean rear, which could use some definition with a separating development between the exhaust that mimics the taillight shape above it, sort of like the FRS.

    Beautifully wrought interior, particular the separated cushions and the chrome like central stack and console. Get the textures right and this is a beautiful interior that should send Cadillac designers back to the drawing boards. The lesson here is to not cover the instrument cluster with a flat plastic panel, main gauges need to be separated from each other with minor condition gauges tangential to the mains. M-B does it best, this concepts dash/cluster design rivals M-B’s.

    Would love to see a great American marque make a comeback, just don’t do the floaty suspension, Lincoln, historically, has been noted for. Put the handling on the level of a BMW, Merc or Infiniti.

    Kudos to the design department of Lincoln.

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